UWA Pursue Impossible Grand Finale: the end of an era in Second Life

The UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre
The UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre

The Grand Finale of the University of Western Australia’s Pursue Impossible 3D art and machinima challenge will take place on Sunday, December 13th, 2015 – and you can be a part of the audience.

The event will be held at the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre, starting at 06:00 SLT, when the winners, as determined by the judges, in both the 3D art and the machinima categories will be announced.

The challenge took its theme from the UWA’s clarion call to students in the physical world to achieve their fullest possible potential by studying with the university. For artists and machinima makers it sought to have them consider what their “impossible” might be – personal, part of their lives or those they know, or a consideration of the things we deem to be impossible, but which yet be overcome, or illustrations of how the virtual encourages us to reach beyond the possible….

Pursue Impossible - Frankx Lefarve: Child of Light
Pursue Impossible – Frankx Lefarve: Child of Light

There have been some amazing entries in both the art and machinima elements of the challenge, as I hope my coverage of Pursue Impossible n these pages demonstrates.

The awards are open to public attendance, with 59  artworks and 45 machinima in the running for a share of the L$500,000+ prize pool, as well as L$41,000 in prizes available to those who entered the Audience participation Challenge to try to match the top 10 entries as defined by the adjudicating panel (of which I am a member).

However, this will also be a grand finale in another way as well, as it signals the end of the international 3D art & film challenges which have been run in Second Life by the UWA since 2009.  While the UWA will continue within Second Life, and Freewee Ling will continue to run art events as she has over the years, major UWA events in the future will be dependent upon funding being made available.

So, please help make this a very special set of awards, and come along to the UWA-BOSL Grand Amphitheatre.

If you’d like to tour the 3D art pieces entered into Pursue Impossible, you can find a complete list of entries with landmarks on the UWA blog. Similarly, links to all of the machinima entries can also be found on the UWA blog.

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One thought on “UWA Pursue Impossible Grand Finale: the end of an era in Second Life

  1. So this one too. Many things ended this year, in SL, or they were eventually recovered but in a somewhat reduced form (such as the Galaxy and Fabfree).
    Looking at the bare numbers (user concurrency and number of regions), the graphs still show the usual decline, that follows the usual trend. But I’m afraid that perhaps we are approaching a critical level, and if user concurrency goes below that, it may start to collapse, triggering a chain effect. Seeing less people around, friends no longer online too, someone feel bored sooner, so they come less online as well, and so on (yeah, I know there are some happy loners too, but I don’t think it’s the majority of the users: SL isn’t Facebook, but it is a social anyway). Then sim owners see only few people still coming, but the price is the same, plus managements efforts and maybe there are alternatives coming, so they eventually give up. Shops see less costumers and give up. People see less interesting places around, the places they used to like are no more, they feel discouraged, they come less, so their friends too, and so on.
    Few years ago, logging in at hours when the user concurrency was at minimum, around 40-45k, it felt more like a ghost town, so I began to think about that: “if one day the maximum users online will be like this…”. Now the max doesn’t reach 50k every day. At this rate it will reach 40-45k the next year. On the other hand I’m more used to these levels now: the difference is striking if you log in at maximum hours and then at minimum hours, but the general decline was slow so I got used to this 50k or less. But the morning with just 25-30k users it feels really empty now: let’s say you are an aviator, now at those hours you see just a couple of people in Hollywood airport and nobody elsewhere. Then if feels like that if you have to fly alone, you could just log off and run the old Flight Simulator instead, for example.
    Perhaps the collapse scenario won’t happen and SL will keep living long anyway, who knows. Or perhaps Sansar will come just in time, although it will take at least a couple of years to kick in, and meanwhile it could give another blow to SL, even if the scope isn’t the same; but on the long term I think it is the only hope LL has.
    For sure, all these things ending and seeing people getting bored and less online and somewhat myself too, got me a bit more concerned.


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