A Slow Reveal in Second Life

A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery
A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery

Running from December 3rd through until December 30th, 2015 is the latest exhibition at Dathúil Gallery, operated by Max Butoh and Lυcy (LucyDiam0nd), and once again it is something to capture the eye and stir the mind.

“Certain moments in our lives become epiphanies,” says artist Goodcross of his exhibition, A Slow Reveal, “I tend to recreate these moments even if they are not from my own personal life. I combine a picture with a song so that they collectively can set a mood for my audience and for that moment they might be connected to me.”

A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery
A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery

The result is some 32 evocative moments captured in time,  each beautifully crafted, and which collectively present images richly diverse in content, but which all exhibit a powerful emotional expression. Featuring shots of art installations, individual pieces of art, painstakingly composed scenes, and intimate moments, the breadth of the content on offer is amazing.

When writing about art in SL, I often refer to narrative in images and works, as that is particularly what appeals to me when visiting installations and galleries – seeking possible threads and stories. A Slow Reveal provides them aplenty; what’s more as you walk through the gallery, visiting and re-visiting the images, you may well find that the story – the very mood – of each image changes as your subconscious is influenced by the mood and tone of the other images. It’s an impact which perfect suits the title of the exhibition.

A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery
A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery

The narrative power of the pieces is evident from the moment one arrives at Dathúil: suspended over the whiskey stills at the back of the hall is a breathtaking piece Leave Their Light On. Such is the power of this piece, it draws one directly to it, and into a semi-circle of five images on easels below, which encapsulate the rich diversity of Goodcross’s work even before one has really consciously acknowledged the images on the walls and upper gallery catwalks.

Each month I’m overwhelmed by the creative talent Max and Lucy bring to Dathúil; the richness of the exhibitions at the gallery have never failed to impress – it’s why I personally rate Dathúil Gallery as my personal favourite in Second Life, and genuinely look forward to the start of each month to see what Lucy, Max and their chosen artist will unveil. However, while every exhibition to date has been a gem, I have to say A Slow Reveal is for me, the most evocative exhibition of an artist’s work I’ve yet seen at the gallery.

A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery
A Slow Reveal – Dathúil Gallery

It is something which definitely should not be missed by anyone with a discerning eye for art. And be sure to check Goodcross’s Flickr stream as well.

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