Rooftop art in Second Life

Art on Roofs
Art on Roofs

Running through until July 23rd at Solodonna Land, operated by Sniper Siemens and Elettra Beardmore, is an exhibition featuring the work of a personal favourite of mine in Second Life: Mistero Hifeng.

Art on Roofs is precisely that: a display of Mistero’s work imaginatively placed across a series of tiled rooftops, complete with courtyards and narrow streets below. These are overlooked from a terraced landing point, giving visitors the impression they standing on a hillside terrace looking out across the packed rooftops of an old Mediterranean town or village.

Art of Roofs
Art of Roofs

The overall effect, beautifully framed by Annan Adored’s Dusty windlight setting, is visually impressive. The feeling of looking out over a small town is complete, and Mistero’s art, reached via wooden board walks which guide the visitor around the roofs, has been integrated into the scene with both flair and care.

Anyone familiar with Mistero’s work will instantly recognise many of the 3D pieces displayed here: E rubero’ per te la Luna, floating over the town, the bubbles of Una vita quasi Umana rising slowly from a courtyard, the figures of Volare once again playing out their quite deadly game of chess..

Art on Roofs
Art on Roofs

I was particularly drawn to the placement of Siamo ciechi…io…e…te and Il tempo Perfetto. (seen below). The two figures in the  former make a magnificent statement about love, the blindness it can bring. The couple are beautifully framed by the four pocket watches of Il tempo Perfetto ticking quietly behind them, perhaps counting away the time the lovers have – and to which they may also be blind.

While Mistero’s 3D work can be widely seen across Second Life in a variety of settings, his 2D artwork may not be so familiar to some; so its good to see a number of his paintings included here.

Art on Roofs
Art on Roofs

I’ve always found Mistero’s art to be a powerful draw (indeed, his beautifully evocative Per te is displayed in my garden). The imagery and emotion evident in some of his pieces may be discomfiting to some – but this doesn’t deny either the beauty or power of his work, all of which can be seen at his own gallery space at Cammino e Vivo Capovolto.

As noted, Art on Roofs will be open through to July 23rd, and my apologies to Sniper, Elettra and curator Terrygold for not covering the exhibition sooner.  When visiting, do please consider donating to the venue via the tip jar. Also, keep an eye out for some sculptures by CioTToLiNa Xue, which are also present on the rooftop board walks. She is someone else who most certainly deserves exhibition space of her own.

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