Distributed Pieces of Self in Second Life

Distributed Pieces of Self
Distributed Pieces of Self

Officially opening at 12:00 noon on Friday, July 3rd, is the latest exhibition at Max Butoh’s marvellous Dathúil gallery. Distributed Pieces of Self presents a series of images by Second Life (and real life) artist and photographer Amona Savira.

The title of the exhibit – chosen by Amona – is inspired by a line from 5th stanza of the 2004 poem Over Time, by Martha Collins:

Moon covered, un-
covered again, cold.
Cold and hot, very and both.
Disturbed the Sea of Tranquility.
Distributed by the Moon Shop.
Distributed self in pieces.
Oh my broken.

Distributed Pieces of Self
Distributed Pieces of Self

On offer is a series of image, each evoking a mood or style or approach, or a combination of all three; self-portraits in full or in part, each emoting both a story and a response.

The settings are minimal – Amona indicates she tends to use her own sets, although some of the images in this exhibit were posed using a set by the talented William Weaver. Post-processing is used with each image; again, Amona regards such editing, tuning and refining of her raw images as an integral part of her artistic intent.

Distributed Pieces of Self
Distributed Pieces of Self

The rest is a series of highly individual pieces that perfectly fit the title of the exhibit, and which offer the observer a glimpse into the world of the artist-as-subject. Each image presents an individual frame of life which, depending on how you view them and what comes to mind, might either by seen to complement one another, offering a collage, if you will, of images and emotions that come together to lend a “whole” to the “distributed story”. Or perhaps they remain framed in one’s mind as individual pieces, each standing alone in its narrative, moments frozen and distributed across time.

All told, this is another fascinating exhibition highlighting the work of a talented SL photographer (Amona also has a Flickr photostream I would suggest you check-out). If you like the works you see within this exhibit, do check Amona’s permanent exhibit spaces at East Art Gallery or at Harmony Garden Gallery.

My thanks, as ever, to Lucy and Max for allowing me to preview this exhibition, which will remain open through until the end of July, 2015.

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