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LL logoI generally keep an eye on the Lab’s corporate website, but confess that things have been such that over the last month, other things have been keeping me occupied so I’ve been a little lax in my checks; however, the Lab have refreshed the Leadership section of the company’s About Page. I’m not sure precisely when this happened, but it appears to have been some time towards the end of August 2014, or early September.

The updated Leadership section of the page sees an expanded management team list complete with photos for all of those on it, rather than the mix of photos and the “creation” images previously found against individual bios.

New to the page (but not necessarily to the Lab) are photos and bios for Rob Anderberg, Senior Director of Development, Pam Beyazit, Senior Director of HR, Scott Reismanis, Director of Digital, and Peter Gray, Director, Global Communications.

LL’s management team: LL’s management team: Rob Anderberg, Pam Beyazit, Scott Reismanis (of Desura fame) and Peter Gray (tow row) join Ebbe Altberg, Kelly Conway, Don Laabs (Danger Linden), Landon McDowell (Landon Linden) and Jeff Petersen (Bagman Linden) (bottom row) on the Lab’s corporate website management page

They all join the familiar line-up of Ebbe Altberg, Kelly Conway, Don Laabs, Landon McDowell and Jeff Petersen.

Gone from the management list is John Laurence, VP of Product, although his LinkedIn bio still records him as working at the Lab (and he was still listed as a member of the management team in August 2014). if he has in fact recently left the Lab, he succeeds Lee Senderov, formerly the Lab’s VP of Marketing, as the most recent departure from the Lab’s management team; Ms Sederov having moved on from the Lab around April 2014 to join Shopular as the Head of Marketing there.

The list of board members remains unchanged since Will Wright’s departure towards the start of 2014.

These updates both reflect changes to the Lab’s management structure and a gradual re-tuning of the corporate website itself, which also saw the removal of the Beta Sign-up option from the menu bar at the top of each page some time around the end of August, and which had previously seen the tag-line “Makers of Shared Creative Spaces” replaced by “Build Worlds With Us” some time in July or August 2014.

A final potential point of interest on the corporate site lies in the Careers Page, which has a list of ongoing career opportunities most likely linked to the Lab’s planned staff expansion to help in the development of their next generation platform. The point of interest is that two of the current positions  – for a Senor Software Engineer and a Senior Software Engineer, Avatar – are referred to as being located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, rather than at the Lab’s Boston office, as one might expect. Does this signify that some of the work on the new platform is being carried out somewhat separately from the Lab’s core activities on the East Coast? Time may tell.

5 thoughts on “Lab updates corporate leadership page

    1. Thanks for the clarification, Shirley. I know Cambridge and Boston sit in one another’s laps, so to speak, but wasn’t aware of the exact location of the Lab’s offises there – so that’s another hole in my Lab knowledge filled 🙂 .


  1. The Lead Environment Artist position is really interesting. As far as I know, the first time ever Linden Lab is hiring an in-house artist who’s set to assist with hiring a team of more artists.

    I guess with SL2 they’re planning to have a lot of visual content ready at launch moreso than a void to be fill.


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