Dolphin viewer: news from Lance

dolphin-logoLance Corrimal has provided a short update on progress with his Dolphin viewer. As noted in these pages, a combination of unavoidable issues have meant that development of the Dolphin viewer has slipped somewhat over the course of the past year.

In his latest blog post, Lance indicates that things are still progressing, but he’s been hit by the interest list merge (as other TPV developers have been dreading), which is slowing things down due to the volumes of changes which have been included alongside the actual interest list updates.

Since his last update, which I noted here, Lance has completed several more elements of work on the viewer:

  • Worn tab
  • Preferences page
  • Machinima floater.

He also indicates a few further decisions have been made regarding things Dolphin won’t have:

  • There will be no client-side AO. Lance sees this as a labour-intensive task to port and implement, and he also doesn’t want to use a bridge-like scripted tool (as Firestorm does)
  • There will be no media filter implementation
  • He will not be implementing Flickr upload support in the snapshot floater, but instead will look to implement the SL Share capabilities,  which offer Flickr upload capabilities anyway.

As always, the time frame for when a new vision of Dolphin will appear, Lance wisely states, “when it’s done”.

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