SL11B Community Celebrations: patience, young applicant!

Applications for the SL11B Community Celebration closed on Tuesday 20th May 2014 – and it seems that many of you are eager to hear back on you applications – which is great!

However, please, please bear in mind that in all, the organising team have received over 1,000 applications, including:

  • 426 exhibitor applications
  • 440 performer applications
  • Over 300 volunteer applications.

Obviously, the volume of applications means that it is going to take time to sort through everything and, in particular, figure out how to get 426 exhibitors and 440 performers into 243 plots and 3 stages.

A few peeks at the DJ Stages, still in development (by Vivena Resident)

While priority is being given to exhibitor applications, do keep in mind that exhibition parcels don’t actually open for building until noon SLT on Friday May 30th, so please give the organising team a little more time to work through the applications, assess them, and get acceptances out. Someone will get back to you as soon as they are in a position to do so, and ahead of the start of the building window.

Once you do hear back on your application, again, please be patient! Read and follow the procedure in your acceptance email and please don’t IM the group before May 30 asking to be let in to the SL11B community Celebration regions; it won’t happen.

Also, the team would like to point out that water plots are extremely limited this year and so will be going to exhibitors that really need them. If all you need is shallow water or part water, then your needs may well be met through the use of a land plot. The team ask for your understanding with this, and offer their apologies in advance to anyone requesting a water plot but who does not get one.

If you’ve applied to be a volunteer or performer – don’t worry, you’ll not be forgotten, either. Replies just might take a little longer to organise, and the team will be posting dates on which  performers can expect to hear from them in a while.

In the mean time, here’s the updated timeline for the celebration:

  • Friday, May 30th, noon: Sims open for builders
  • Wednesday, June 15th, noon: Sims close to builders
  • Saturday, June 21st, noon: Press day
  • Sunday, June 22nd, noon SLT: SL11BCC opens!
  • Monday, June 23rd: Second Life’s Official 11th Birthday!
  • Sunday, June 29th: final day of celebrations
  • Monday, June 30th to Saturday, July 5th: Sims will remain open for viewing. No performances.
  • Sunday, July 6th to Tuesday, July 8th: Breakdown
  • Wednesday, July 9th: Sims go offline

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One thought on “SL11B Community Celebrations: patience, young applicant!

  1. One of the problems from past years was that someone would submit an application and there was no confirmation message of receipt. This caused people to query whether their applications were submitted, which was a fair query, since a few would end up lost due to Google Docs or a mistake by an organizer.

    After SL9B, I suggested that there be a simple confirmation message to let people know the application WAS received in order to reduce that traffic.

    As for the “be patient” bit, perhaps adding some teeth to that and tossing out the application of anyone who asks for access early could free up some spots for folks who actually do read directions and follow rules. *shrug*



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