Planning to celebrate SL11B? Then let the Lab know!

secondlifeOn Friday May 16th, Linden Lab issued an invitation to users and communities planning their own events and activities to mark Second Life’s eleventh anniversary, to submit their details for inclusion in the SL Destination Guide.

The blog post reads in part:

Happy Birthday to …. Second Life!

While it’s only the middle of May, June is fastly approaching and the time is now to start planning your Second Life Birthday celebrations! As in past years, we’ll wrangle the best of the best in Second Life Birthday events and corral them into a special SL11B category on our Destination Guide during the month of June.

The blog post goes on to note that the community itself is organising its own celebratory event, and includes a link to the SL11B Community Celebration website.

Anyone who is planning a celebration of their own can submit details of the event / activity for inclusion in the special SL11B section of the Destination Guide by completing the official submission form using the “misc” category. Alternatively, the details can be submitted via e-mail to the Destination Guide editor, using “SL11B” is the subject line of the e-mail.

The main stage area from SL10B By Us event, one of numerous events run as a part of the grid-wide SL10B celebrations in 2013
The main stage area from SL10B By Us event, one of numerous events run as a part of the grid-wide SL10B celebrations in 2013

As with SL10B in 2013, the Lab is planning some surprises of its own to mark the occasion, and news on these will likely be appearing in due course in the official blog.

One thought on “Planning to celebrate SL11B? Then let the Lab know!

  1. Oh good… they’re keeping that parallel option open.

    Had an idea for the Community Celebration for SL12B that could solve the whole commercial build, ugly build, application-fraud, and standby replacement build problem.

    Divide up *ALL* the SL12B sims into parcels and call for exhibitor applications to fill them all. Try to weed out the obvious frauds, liars, and double-dealers trying to slip in their barely-concealed ads for their stores, but don’t work too hard on it.

    Then, when it’s vetting/review time, it’s time for Lord Of The Flies. Let the builders peer-review the builds. Let ’em look around and see who didn’t follow the rules like they did. Then, with the list of finger-pointing they generate, boot out all the commercial builds, junk builds, half-assed builds, and people who are obviously going to hold events on their builds that should be in the performance areas/stages.

    Now, shift the remaining high-quality interactive and immersive and powerful builds around to create contiguous space for stages and other infrastructure.

    Not enough space? Well, go back and weed out some more of the chaff. Shuffle some more, make space…. and… done.

    There you go. high-quality builds that represent the community and theme, and done through collaboration.




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