Fantasy Faire: the 2014 Silent Auction, and don’t forget the story / poetry competition

One of the staples of Fantasy Faire is the Silent Auction, which sees a wide range of exclusive items auctioned quietly to bidders. This year is no exception; bidding opened on Tuesday May 6th and remains open through until 17:00 SLT on Saturday May 10th.

Some 39 items have been donated to the auction, including avatar skins, outfits, accessories, buildings, avatars,  and much more. You can see the items on offer at the Fantasy Faire silent auction web page.

Fantasy Faire 2014 Silent Auction items
Fantasy Faire 2014 Silent Auction items

To bid for any item, hop over to Fairelands Junction. You’ll find all the items hanging on red ribbons strung between the trees there. most of the images of the items on offer have the required information about them. However, clicking on any of them will deliver a note card containing all the information you’re likely to need.

Bidding is triggered by clicking on the blue ribbon alongside an item. These display the minimum bid required. Note that no money is changing hands as a result of a bid, only the winning bidder will be charged at the conclusion of the auction. Remember as well that this is a silent auction. so you’ll need to keep track of those items you’re bidding on!

Fantasy Faire: the Faireland Junction
Fantasy Faire: the Fairelands Junction

Short Story  / Poetry Competition

Are you inspired by one or more of this year’s Fantasy Faire builds? Are you moved to express your inspiration in words or a poem? If so, then the Fantasy Faire Short Story and Poetry competition may be for you!

All you have to do is write a story (500-3000 words) or poem (10-50 lines) on one or more of this year’s Fantasy Faire regions. It can be on any subject you like, so long as it reflects the setting(s) of the Faire. You can include as many of the regions as you wish, and even the inland sea. You don’t have to give long descriptions of the region(s) you feature, or even name them, but the settings should be obvious to the reader – if someone has to stop and think, “wait! Is this Medhir Woods or Mourningvale Thicket?”, then it won’t work for the judges. Your entry can, however, be sad or happy, witty or wise, evoke laughter or tears – or any and all of these. The choice is yours.

The ten winners, as selected by the judges, will be published in the September issue of Prim Perfect Magazine. Entries should be submitted in TXT, DOC or RTF format to:, and should arrive no later than Saturday May 31st, 2014.

You can read more on the competition on the Fantasy Faire website, where you can also read last year’s overall winner.

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