“Project interesting” viewer reaches release status

On Tuesday May 6th, the Lab announced the “Project Interesting”  viewer has finally made it to a release status with the arrival of version of the viewer as the de facto release version.

Available since mid-November 2013 as a release candidate viewer, this release represents the last stage in the current work on improving interest list functionality, the code which controls how the data relating to your in-world view is handled by both the server and the viewer. This includes what is sent to the viewer, what is retained by the viewer for reuse and things like the order in which objects are rendered when you log-in to SL or teleport (so that the “interesting” objects which are closer to you or which are particularly large should render first, for example).

To mark the viewer’s formal release, the Lab has re-issued a video by Torley Linden, originally released when the viewer first made it to release candidate status, which neatly encapsulates the key updates contained within the viewer, and how they relate to server-side changes which have already been implemented.

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11 thoughts on ““Project interesting” viewer reaches release status

    1. Not entirely. There have been some gradual changes made to cache management through the Interesting changes, but those found in this viewer represent the final set of updates as described.


      1. Everyone suggest I have a cache of 2-4gb yet I rarely see it at over 300 mb since most textures seem to go to Vram (up to 2 1/2 gb) and then upon logging out don’t get stored on cache. Maybe I should lower my texture memory in Debug and more will get stored in cache? I would like to store all SIM objects however not sure if that’s possible.


      2. BTW the Firefox version 4.4.2 lets you go higher than the 512 max in Texture memory then your Vram will store a lot more textures however that viewer doesn’t support fitted mesh which is fine if you can do without it or derender Liquid Mesh if you come across it.


  1. Since text has changed in “Statistics” window (Ctrl-shift-1), “Bandwidth” now called “UDP data received”, I’m curious.
    Does that mean that using a Squid proxy, to expand viewer cache, will soon be redundant?


    1. As general advice, always download viewers – official or TPV – from official sources only. Never from links passed around in-world or via websites where only a direct download in offered, rather than a link to a verifiable web page.

      If there is a link to a potentially hacked viewer being passed around, the Lab should be notified directly, with all available information (including any links to the download in question).

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  2. Timely with the Faire running. I was just wondering about this progress as I was tweaking TextureFetch yesterday. Thank you for posting and keeping tabs on it. This is exciting news.


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