How I’m able to blog so frequently …

Strawberry Singh has run a couple of her Monday Memes on the subject of blogging. The first featured questions on why people blog – which I answered here, and the second was about the journey we’ve undertaken as bloggers, to which I also responded.

Since publishing the second article, several people have asked me how it is I can be blogging “constantly” (no, really, they have!). Rather than bore you with talk of planning ahead, having a production line of articles in progress, etc., I thought I’d just come clean.

You see, I’m able to blog so much because I have an army small number of minions helpers eager to write stuff up for me …

Inara's little helper (with apologies to Universal Studios)
Inara’s little minions helpers (with apologies to Universal Studios!)

Of course, I have to keep all bananas carefully hidden, so as to avoid total mayhem, but that’s a small price to pay.

So there you have it. The truth is out.



7 thoughts on “How I’m able to blog so frequently …

  1. Your blog is great. It’s nice to read a SL focused blog that is in depth straight forward and informative. Thank you for everything that you blog!


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