Together for Sway raises L$1,551,825

Together for Sway, the event put together by friends of Sway Dench, and which I reported upon on December 17th, has raised an amazing L$1,551,825 in just two weeks, funding which will go a very long way in helping Sway through a difficult period.

Sway Dench
Sway Dench

Sway, whose major source of income is Second Life, was diagnosed with a brain tumour in late 2012. While benign and non-life threatening, the tumour nevertheless needs to be removed, and Sway has been scheduled for surgery in the near future. However, she is liable to be convalescing for up to six months, making it difficult for her to manage her SL business and generate an income from it.

To help her cope with things, a group of friends and content creators have rallied to her support and organised Together for Sway, which featured a special vendor area, complete with donation boxes, offering a range of goods an items for sale with all proceeds going directly to assisting Sway Dench. Additionally, special entertainments, such as a concert hosted by Rebel Yell Concerts which featured Nickelback, were also organised to raise money to help Sway meet her needs.

The full breakdown of statistics for the event have been provided on the Together for Sway blog:

  • More than 80 stores and designers participated
  • More than 40 different blogs promoted the event
  • The website received 20,294 views and 5,897 visitors from 90 different countries
  • The first day of the event raised L$500,000.

Sway herself Plurked her thanks to friends and supporters earlier today in a simple, but heartfelt message.

Congratulations to all involved in organising and running the event, and very best wishes to Sway herself.

The Together for Sway vendor area, December 17th, 2012
The Together for Sway vendor area, December 17th, 2012

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  1. i’m glad this effort was successful. It only goes to show that there is solidarity and humanity in many people.


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