MoM: June and beyond

With the May entrants for the Month of Machinima now available, it’s time to look ahead to upcoming months.

May was pretty much free format in terms of theme, the major criteria (other than the obvious copyright and inevitable content rating considerations) being that not single entry should be longer than 3 minutes. For June – and probably beyond – this has been extended to 6 minutes, although longer film lengths can be submitted by prior arrangement.

The themes for the rest of the year have been announced, and film-makers are doubtless already looking at June and beyond:

  • June: Mixed Reality (SL machinima has to be part of the mix)
  • July: Games in SL
  • August: Design and Architecture
  • September: Seasons (the four seasons, season of your life, etc.)
  • October: Elements
  • November: SL Events
  • December: Endings, conclusions.

Full details on Month of Machinima can be found on the SL Wiki.