Fare thee well, Phoenix

Today sees the final major release of the Phoenix 1.23.5-based Viewer from Jessica, LLG and the rest of the team.

With it comes some major bug-fixes, not the least around RLVa, which had more than a few issues, and some rounding-out of features as well as some natty new additions. The full list of updates is available as always, however, here are the highlights of the “new” stuff:

  • Full Display name support in groups, local chat, radar etc.
  • Add button to refresh contents of a prim being edited.
  • Script count now includes Script memory in square brackets. This is not an accurate measurement of how much work scripts are doing. But it gives you more info on the amount of memory the scripts are using. Requires Bridge v12.

As long as there is the promised option to have Display Names OR avatar names show up in chat, etc., then the first addition won’t cause too much head scratching as people notice “Hungry Scoffadopolous” or “Lord Almighty Schmoo III” or “Jeanie’s Lil’ Bunny” (or other variants of names) showing up in their lists, or tedious pulling-up of Profiles just to be sure.

The Refresh button for edited prims is *so* welcome, especially for those of us who use things like rezzers, vendor servers, etc., and are forever re-editing prims to get the contents to correctly list.

The Script memory use tool could be very useful in the right hands. Hopefully it will encourage those who don’t currently, to think about whether their script(s) really *should* be Mono (and grabbing 64Kb of memory each) or remain in LSL(2) where they grab only 16Kb. After all, three scripts grabbing 16Kb of memory each is still only 48Kb…whereas “combined” into a single Mono, they are grabbing 64Kb and eating resources. And if they are kept as three individual MONO scripts because it is “faster”, that’s a whooping 192Kb eaten from server memory.

Phoenix has been a marvellous addition to the TPV stable of Viewers, and all who have contributed to it deserve our thanks. It may not always be perfect, but Phoenix is the welcome flagship among TPVs in terms of overall popularity, feature spread and ease-of-installation (even with the return of the split between the SSE and SSE2 downloads – so make sure you follow the right link!).

Phoenix will continue with maintenance releases, but this is a fond farewell to major development work as the team now gear-up with developing their Viewer-2 based Firestorm, which we’ll be seeing (hopefully) around Q2 of 2011, I understand.