The Green goes

Linden Lab have sounded the death knell for Emerald.

Well done, Phox (I wonder if that was an infantile play on “pox”). I sincerely hope a real lifetime ban follows for you, and Fractured Crystal. Not that I begrudge you anything, you understand, its just that – well, SL will be a lot more savoury without you.

For those panicking about their favourite Emerald features – fear not and look here. The future is bright. The future is winged….

Phoenix has now cleared self-certification (and do I ever wish some people would understand that term does not mean “approved by Linden Lab” or even “approved”!), and is now listed on the entirely voluntary TPV Directory.

So – onwards and forwards!


Within 12 hours of appearing on the TPV Directory listing, Phoenix had achieved some 50,000 unique logins to Second Life. While a portion of these are going to be people running alts and potentially “bots”, the vast majority are going to have been unique users. As such, this is an extraordinary figure to hit in a so short a period. And without wishing to stir the Viewer 1.23.5 vs Viewer 2.x debated, one has to admit that it does show how loyal established users (who are the most likely to be aware of the entire Emerald debacle) remain to the older Viewer, despite LL’s best efforts at enticement, cajoling and denial.

One thought on “The Green goes

  1. Inara
    Well, I, for one will not be sorry to see the back of Phox/Fractured/Lonely Bluebird/Skills/what-you-will in SL.
    I was delighted to hear that Phoenix had become TPVD listed, but was mildy surprised and not a little pleased to find that Emergence was listed as well.

    With an able dev Team and such good Inworld supprt workers, Phoenix will become what Emerald should have been.



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