Following all the shenanigans with Emerald, including the complete break in any credibility the Modular System’s group had, it is good to see that LordGregGreg Back has not given up entirely.

He’s now offering Emergence – a Viewer based solely on the last “safe” (as in not wee-wee’d all over by others in the Emerald camp) code for Emerald. I’ve downloaded it, and so far I’ve found it to be a more than acceptable replacement for Emerald, and one that – on the machine I’m currently using while away on vacation – is at least as fast as Emerald .1636,the last version of Emerald I ever installed.

I’ll probably take time to write-up more when I’m back home – there are some nice levels of transparency in things like the installer (at least to my uneducated eyes), and LGG has, I think, tweaked a couple of other functions.

For now, if you want to continued running SL in an Emerald form, but don’t want to have to face the trust issues – why not give LGG’s Emergence a try…?

2 thoughts on “Re-Emergence

    1. Thank you for the feedback, Ayesha! And yes, the break was wonderful; only thing bad about it was the fact that I missed my Lord and Master (aka my cat)!


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