Summer blue

The last month and a bit have seen considerable changes in my Second Life; the end of a 3-three year relationship / friendship; much fiddle-farting around with i-Squared, partly due to the upcoming release of the SL Marketplace (which I’m actually beginning to like, despite the dearth of certain key functionality…); and a general amount of to-ing and fro-ing.

Most of all, though, it has (again) seen me swapping houses and living style. Three times!

The first change came about as a result of feeling that the Caprican house I’d put up to replace “Fallingwater” was a just a little bit on the large side for beach front living, so I set about trying to put together something a little more modest and which had a better “fit” for my beach location.

The result was the start of what I call the “Lion’s Gate” range: a 2-room single-floor house in something of a Colonial style. After the roominess of the Caprican, however, this was just a tad too far in the other direction, so the single-floor house became something of grand-fronted 2-floor affair.

I have to admit, I’m rather proud of this design, and it brought together several ideas I’ve been playing with of late: a revision of the old (and boring) “window tinting” that allows for “working” blinds on the windows without pushing up prim counts; the use of indirect scripted lighting to achieve an atmospheric  (and hopefully life-like) look to the place at night, and so on.

Lion’s Gate quickly matured into a mini-range of four houses which are now available via i-Squared, hopefully at prices to suit all pockets.

Sadly, no sooner had things settled down in the new house, which was also intended as a merging of tastes between two people; personal matters in SL changed for me, with the result that as much as I liked the house, I knew I needed another change. I just wasn’t sure quite what, although returning to sky living was a strong consideration – but so did living more “on the water”.

Flicking through various WordPress blogs, I finally came across a source of inspiration. This spurred me to design the Water Margin, my first attempt at a “floating house”.

Like the original Lion’s Gate, the Water Margin is a 2-room, single level house, with the two rooms linked by a 10m hallway. Like the house that inspired it, it includes a large open deck area where I can entertain and enjoy my sunsets, and it again incorporates window and lighting ideas refined in the Lion’s Gate range.

I have to admit, living on water is a little odd, but at least in SL I don’t have to worry about rough seas. And as it started out as something specifically for *me*, I’ve already grown very fond of the new place.

I’ve no plans to make any further changes; so long as I have a lot of water around me, the new house will remain undisturbed – and I’m blessed in having a sunken parcel to the south of me that is likely to remain undeveloped as it hosts various bits way up in the sky. Who knows. Maybe I’ll get a little sail boat and try my hand messing about on the water…


Have any thoughts?

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