Viewer 2.0 goes “live”

Tom (Hale) Linden bullishly pushes through Viewer 2.0 as the new default Viewer for Second Life today. In a post about an improved New User Experience, Hale lets slip that Viewer 2.0 is now released, stating that the new  viewer is now a part of the default download for new users when they create a new account. Viewer 2 is now out of beta and joins Viewer 1.23 and other approved third-party viewers as an option for all Residents.

While this move isn’t entirely unexpected – the Lab did state back when the released of Viewer 2.0 into open Beta was being announced that they planned to make it “official” “by the end of Q1” (which is today), the “announcement” that this is now the case is nevertheless liable to cause much outrage and upset – especially for those heavily engaged in new user orientation and who a) have been given next to no time in which to re-generate their notecards and other information to reflect the new Viewer and b) haven’t even been given the luxury of a formal open announcement that Viewer 2.0 is now “out of Beta”.

One might also point out that those still attempting to Beta Viewer 2.0 have probably been taken by surprise by this announcement.

So… here it is – and note that official support for Viewer 1.22 now ends, and support for Viewer 1.23 will terminate at the end of June 2010.

2 thoughts on “Viewer 2.0 goes “live”

  1. The talk now is about that TOS we had to sign before logging in that will go into effect at the end of April.

    Screenshots can only be taken if given permission in the land settings? Ridiculous. I’ve already taken down most of my Flickr work. I don’t need to be sued and SL residents have already shown to be hot triggered at best.

    No screen pics…no creation due to no protection from theft….

    Tom thinks we should all just be happy with meeting one another and chatting.


    1. I’ve seen the revised ToS. It’s a bit of a curate’s egg. I was writing-up initial thoughts on it when you posted here :).

      I find all the moves around content creation to be very curious – especially given the way LL are spelling out user content. But perhaps it is just me…and a subject for discussion alongside my post on the new ToS.

      I appreciate your dilemma and your caution on the subject of photos – and the suggestion that permissions for the same to be taken should be expressly given via Covenants to be, well, contemptible.


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