All Change!

Those who regularly read this blog…assuming they exist….know that for getting on for 2 years, we’ve lived in-world in a house inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater”. True, there was a period after the OpenSpace sim debacle when we switched to an i-Squared skysphere, but we went back to the ground and FW pretty quickly.

Well….all good things come to an end…at least for a time….at some point. so it is that today, Fallingwater vanished from our current land, to be replaced by a house from the i-Squared range: the Caprican Ultimate.

There are many reasons for making the change and packing FW away for now. One of them is simply to get a change in home style. Another is because I’d very much like to bring back the i-Squared showroom and, frankly, I do not trust LL sufficiently to invest in a large parcel of land at  this point in time.

So it is that today I entertained myself making the change. I have to say that, while FW will always remain my favourite house (and will be subject to a complete top-to-bottom rebuild in the New Year), I am very pleased with the way the Caprican houses came out, and the fact that the style of the house fits the theme of our home sim pretty nicely.

The new house and altered land

Installing the new house required extensive changes to the land itself….FW is designed to overlook water, so I’ve sculpted a large north-facing bay, while Ina had installed a river and one set of falls (in keeping with the house’s name). For the Caprican to fit, the bay and falls had to go, although the size of the parcel means I could sculpt another bay to the immediate west of the house, and so break-up the land into a more natural form.

With a 50x30m footprint, the Caprican is actually bigger than FW in terms of ground space – again, with the front terrace and part of the lounge overhanging water, FW has a surprisingly small footprint, (dry) land-wise, this makes the norther frontage of the property a little more bland compared to how it was, but the installation of a waterfront deck hopefully overcame at least some of this.

The lounge

One of the things I like about the Caprican (if I say so myself) is the lounge with the sunken seating area. Beyond this is a raised area, which is now the the home to my grand piano, supplied by Persephone Milk, who produces – frankly – the FINEST musical instruments in the whole of SL.

The grand accurately reflects my genuine loves of both the piano and classical music (it has a marvellous selection of loaded pieces). Seriously, if you have any interest in music at all, and wish to have a fabulous concert grand in your home, you should make a point of visiting Musical Alchemy, Persephone’s store.

As well as the grand, the lounge is home to our various business accoutrements, with the added benefit that they are so much more unobtrusive than with FW.

Night time, with the sun deck in the foreground

While the Caprican comes with a kitchen, I’ve opted to remove it, and leave the central kitchen area as an entrance hall, featuring one of my all-time favourite SL “paintings”, Kay’s Lair, by the fabulously-talented Rena Sakai.

It’s going to be quite a change living in the new house. Doubtless, FW will return in the future, but for now as 2009 draws to a close, it seems appropriate to mark the start of 2010 with something new in our lives.