A LemonCliff café in Second Life

LemonCliff, May 2023 – click any image for full size

Of all the Second Life continents, Gaeta 1 is perhaps the oddest. located off the north coast Corsica, it sits isolated, alone and unfinished, having only a west coast, and partial coasts to the north and south before it ends abruptly as one travels eastwards, as if someone got bored mid-way through laying down its regions and wandered off to find a sandwich – then forget where they left the continent.

The smallest of the Mainland continents with roughly 140 regions to its name, it is also the most sparsely populated – although this is not the result of its small size; rather, it is because much of the land remains either owned by Linden Lab or simply undeveloped.

LemonCliff, May 2023

This is not to say it is without its charms. Along the west coast, for example, the Lastness Marina, sitting at one end of one of the continent’s two paved public footpaths. Here, visitors can drop into the local lighthouse, rez a boat and take to the waters along Gaeta 1’s navigable coast.  Or, if preferred visitors can pop next door and enjoy a sojourn at Lily Cloud’s LemonCliff beach bar and café.

Occupying almost 6,000 square metres of coastal land, LemonCliff is a delightful setting, offering a mix of outdoor and indoor setting, the latter taking the form of a ranch-style villa converted into a café sitting above a small beach front and within a its own garden space, the low surrounding walls forming a parapet as they look down on the beach and a small car park.

LemonCliff, May 2023

With a central hallway cutting through it from front to back, the café is neatly split into two wings. To one side and with shuttered windows, sits the café proper, offering coffee and smoothies with a choice of cakes and fresh lemon juice. Across the hall sits a comfortable saloon, a place suitable for afternoon tea at the right time of day, and in the evenings as a retreat where wine and aperitifs might be enjoyed, the windows to the front overlooking a small patio, and to the rear they provide a glimpse of the semi-wild garden.

A broad terrace parallels the rear walls of the café, passing through this garden to give access to the café from the car park, and also to a garden pergola and a raised patio and seating area to the rear of the coffee bar where beverages can be enjoyed under the shade of parasols.

LemonCliff, May 2023

Also to the front of the café is a table set for a little cheese and wine tasting, whilst steps run down to the beach and what looks to have been a cobble-topped wharf sitting at the waterfront -although the tide appears to have retreated long enough ago to leave a stretch of dry beach between the wharf and the sea, allowing the cobbles to become the home of a Greedy Greedy table.

Bracketed to one side by falls tumbling into a small channel running into the open water and a deck built out over the water on the other, the beach offers a view out over the open ocean to the west, and a means to enjoy the setting sun. Meanwhile, the deck sits as a place for cocktails and a little crooning / dancing.

LemonCliff, May 2023

Sitting alongside the marina and a small coastal residential area, LemonCliff beach bar and café is a charming and easy-going visit – and when you’ve enjoyed its welcome, there’s always an opportunity for boating along the coast or a walk along the winding public path as it meanders north and east.

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