A Blue Finch spring in Second Life

Blue Finch, April 2023 – click any image for full size

Blue Finch is the name given to a Full private island designed by Second Life couple Grant Wade (GMi7) and Dianna Wade (DiaMi7) which has been featured in the Editor’s Picks and Nature and Parks section of the Destination Guide. A Moderate rated region, it offers a warm greeting to visitors:

Welcome to Blue Finch Ridge. Uniquely beautiful and enchanting. with a rustic warm quiet charm. Romantic hideaways but please No adult activity. Be respectful.

Blue Finch About Land description

Blue Finch, April 2023

This is a place of serene beauty, one which at the time of my visit lay caught in the colours of spring. It sits as if a part of a rugged coastline, a rocky island cut off from the surrounding hills of its brethren courtesy of the not-to-distant see having stretched its finger deep inland, flooding the lowland to surround the island, leaving it sitting within a deep inlet or bay, the main channel of which sweeps inward from the north-west.

Across the island and tucked into its south-east corner where it is sheltered by the nearby hills, sits the landing point, occupying a pier gazebo as it extends out over the water. It is here that visitors can join the local group, read about the region and offer their support towards the region’s upkeep and their appreciation of the settings or teleport directly to the event / activity areas within the region – but I obviously recommend using your pedal extremities to explore the setting – and take your time doing so.

Blue Finch, April 2023

As the About Land description notes, this is place to visit and appreciate for its beauty. Offered under a basic EEP day setting, the region is well suited to almost any daytime settings, and I hope the images here demonstration, having been taken using my default personal EEP settings.

Once across the bridge and on the island, there are numerous paths for visitors to follow, with stepping stones and bridges of various kinds ensuring the waterways cutting through the land do not hinder and path of exploration.

Blue Finch, April 2023

All of the paths lead to somewhere interesting, be it the little fishing hamlet along the south side of the island, the pottery centre up on a high plateau, the old castle that serves as the movie centre, sitting over a wide cavern forming the gateway to the north-side beach, or more directly down to the eastern beach. And this is barely scratching the surface of the region.

Throughout the region are multiple places to sit and pass the time, look-out points, the event spaces, and various public buildings where time can also be spent – my favourite being the little coffee house. And all of it is wrapped in an engaging soundscape.

Blue Finch, April 2023

However, this is not a place to be written about – it is a place that should be appreciated first-hand  – as such I’ll finish with a couple more photos and a strong recommendation you drop in and see Dianna and Wade’s work for yourself.

Blue Finch, April 2023
Blue Finch, April 2023

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