A Celestial Glade in Second Life

Celestial Glade, February 2023 – click any image for full size
Celestial Glade transports you to enchanted forest, full of magic and exploration. Tucked away, you will find romantic spots to dance and cuddle with that special someone.

– Celestial Glade About Land

So reads the introduction to Celestial Glade, a Full private region utilising the Land Capacity bonus primarily designed by Roxy Chronotis (Roxy Christenson).

Celestial Glade, February 2023

A mystical setting, the region is predominantly open to the public, although the north-east corner – separated from the rest of the region by tall curtain cliffs – is given over to a private home, and there are some rental cottages sitting within the south-west corner, so the usual warning about trespass and disturbing people’s privacy is given 🙂 .

The landing point sits to the south-east corner of the region, located within a gazebo formed from living trees. It faces the Lyrical Grove, a place for live music events (schedule on the board alongside of the steps leading up to the Grove) and the Lyrical Star Café, reached by descending a further set of steps from the landing point.

Celestial Glade, February 2023

Two further exits lead away from the landing point; one passes through an open field dominated by a single large and very aged tree. Clearly a space for outdoor events, it is bordered by smaller trees, waterfalls, and gigantic crystals; while there is nothing overtly Hobbiton-like about it, a Tolkienite like myself would likely not be surprised to find Bilbo Baggins and his friends and very extended family to be celebrating his elventy-first birthday under the shade of the tree…

The second route away from the landing point provides access to a path meandering under boughs and past glades, tall walls to one side. The latter partially enclose a small commercial marketplace in which store spaces (if available) can be rented. A path from the “birthday field” also runs past the entrance to this space, passing between it and a pond to join the first path as it continues on it way through the region, branching here and there along the way.

Celestial Glade, February 2023

These paths wind between ribbons of hills, tall peaks and blocky mesas, crossing streams and rivers along the way, passing under the shade of trees and through the coloured carpets of flowers. In doing so, they lead the way those romantic spots for dancing and / or sitting and cuddling. They also pass by or offer the route to, the region’s major points of interest.

The latter – which can also be reached via a network of stone teleport disks – include a glade of table-top games, ruins on a promontory, a restaurant and nearby café of distinctly elven styling, and a winding climb up the highest peak within the land to where the slender finger of a tower points a tall spire towards the sky, its teleport door guarded by a dragon.

Celestial Glade, February 2023

Whilst not specifically inspired by Middle Earth, the touches throughout – the aforementioned field with its great tree, the elven-style buildings, the odd Hobbit hole – all give Celestial Glade as shading of Tolkien; one which is acknowledged in a very subtle manner, as careful explorers may note in their travels.

Also awaiting discovery is a wizard’s hideaway, the ruins of a church where weddings might be held, mystical wells and stairs winding around the trunks of trees to reach high platforms. All of this adds to the attractiveness of exploration, as do the local EEP settings, which I would advise visitors to use in order to appreciate the region fully.

Celestial Glade, February 2023

Should you not feel in the mood for walking through the region and feel the teleport network risks missing some of the details tucked into valleys and under trees or within gardens, there is a horse rezzer just down the steps of the path leading away from the landing point, allowing visitors to explore from the saddle. Just keep in mind the horse will vanish if you opt to dismount 🙂 .

Relaxing, tucked into a river sound scape, Celestial Glade should come as a welcome retreat for those who needed, and an inviting place for photographers and explorers.

Celestial Glade, February 2023

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