Whimsy and Fantasy in Second Life

Diomita Plaza Gallery: LuAnne Anatine

Now open at the Diomita Plaza Gallery / R&D Gallery is an exhibition by LuAnne Anatine (LeeLu Anatine) entitled Whimsy and Fantasy, which opened on July 16th, 2018.

An artist / illustrator in the physical world, LuAnne focuses on fantasy and nature art as her core themes, and she has brought her art into Second Life for a broader audience to appreciate and enjoy – and I am, for one, pleased that she has.  On display are 18 pieces of her work, all of which are available for purchase at a very modest price, which perfectly exemplify her expressions of both fantasy and nature.

Diomita Plaza Gallery: LuAnne Anatine

These really are delightful pieces, each an individual study, rather than a scene or setting. Everyone of them is captivating to the eye, with most rich in colour, adding to their natural depth and beauty.

Some of the pieces, while individual studies, suggest they are part of a broader narrative, enticing the eye and imagination to consider what the story might be. Others, such as the charming and attractive Colours of Winter (right) simply stand on their own, inviting appreciation purely in their own right, without the need for thoughts of wider story.

What is also special about this exhibition is the fact the LuAnne provides insight into how she produces her art.

My method of painting is a mix of traditional and digital, which is painted in Photoshop and Corel Painter. The line work is drawn for each painting, then is scanned into Photoshop, where it is painted digitally in a traditional manner using a Wacom Cintiq painting and drawing tablet.

– LuAnne Anatine describing her technique

We often talk in terms of virtual environments like Second life presenting artists with a means by which they might reach much broader audiences their work might otherwise attract, but it is also fair to say the reverse is also true.

By visiting exhibitions like Whimsy and Fantasy, we are given an opportunity to discover and enjoy the work of artists and talents whom we might otherwise never get to appreciate in the physical world. Hence why I tend to find exhibitions like this one a very valid field of virtual world art and expression, and always encourage others to take the time to visit.

“Art is an incredible joy for me,” LuAnne states. “It’s my link to the universal river that connects us all.” By displaying and offering her art in-world, she presents us with the opportunity to connect with her as well.

Diomita Plaza Gallery: LuAnne Anatine

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