Accessing Aditi

Aditi is the Second Life Beta or Preview grid. It is used for a wide variety of testing, including new viewer code, new SL capabilities, new LSL functions, and so on. Aditi is open to all SL users who wish to access it for testing proposes or to join in with public testing of specific projects.

All SL avatar accounts have a duplicate account on Aditi. Note this is not the same account as you use to log-in to the main grid (Agni), but a duplicate (you can in fact be logged-in to both grids at the same time).

This means that your account on Aditi has a separate inventory, for example, although it has always been possible to “import” your main grid inventory into Aditi, if needed. Up until early 2016, this process was a complicated affair, requiring users to change passwords, then wait around 24-48 hours before logging-in to Aditi, in order to have their inventory there overwritten by a copy of their main grid inventory (thus losing anything they’d made that might be unique to Aditi).

However, under the new process introduced in early 2016, users’ Aditi inventory is no longer  overwritten with a copy of their main grid inventory; instead, the two are merged. No is any account password change required in order for this to happen – the process is now automated, and this is how it works:

  • When you log-in to Aditi, your account is automatically flagged for an inventory update
  • An automated process runs against all such flagged accounts are around 06:00SLT each morning, and copies their main grid inventory and merges it with their Aditi inventory
  • Checks are carried out during the merge process to try to avoid unnecessary duplication of items from your main grid inventory (so you don’t end up with dozens of versions of the exactly the same thing in your Aditi inventory, unnecessarily bloating it), and to avoid the copying of things like your Trash or your Current Outfit Folder (to avoid issues of outfit conflicts on Aditi.

Note that this syncing in only one way – from Agni to Aditi – you Aditi inventory is not merged back to your main grid inventory.

To help distinguish your Aditi inventory from your Agni inventory, the viewer also maintains two separate sets of local inventory cache files. These prevent the viewer from giving false reports of inventory contents (e.g. logging-in to the main grid and finding your Viewer thinks you have Aditi assets in your inventory). The Aditi inventory cache files can be easily identified as they include “aditi” it their .GZ file name.

Your local inventory (.GZ) cache files can be identified within your local cache folder by the inclusion of "aditi" in their file names
Your local inventory (.GZ) cache files can be identified within your local cache folder by the inclusion of “aditi” in their file names

Although items with different UUIDs (including modified versions of items from Agni you might be testing on Aditi) will remain unique to Aditi when the merge takes place, it has been suggested that to help easily located such items in a merged inventory that that are placed in uniquely-named folders. This is an entirely personal choice, but if you’re doing a lot of back-and-forth testing between Agni and Aditi, it is something you might want to consider.


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