Sketches and Moods in Second Life

Sketches and Moods: Ladmilla and Eli Medier

Sketches and Moods is the title of the latest selection of images and poems by the artist couple, Ladmilla Medier (Ladmilla) and her SL partner Eli Medier,  which is offered to patrons and visitors at THE EDGE Art Gallery, which is also owned and operated by the couple.

The pieces on display are once again a mix of images and accompanying words – fifteen of the images by Ladmilla, and the remaining four by Eli. All feature poems by Eli,  who has a gift for expression through the written word as well as being a talented photographer-artist. Each piece is presented as a single frame of image and words, although the two can be separated as used individually, if required – as all of the pieces are offered for sale.

Sketches and Moods: Ladmilla and Eli Medier

Ladmilla’s images are presented in her distinctive style. Rich in colour, often presented in darker tones that further contribute to their depth, they have a dream-like quality to them that is evocative and perfectly suited to the framing of words through poetry.

The dream-like element to her work is the result of Ladmilla’s crafted post-processing of her images. This involves layering-in both colours and textures to give each piece a special emphasis that natural directs the eye on a specific aspect, from which we naturally focus out to appreciated the picture as a whole.

Sketches and Moods: Eli Medier

Eli is a gifted poet who writes mainly in unstressed blank verse. His words cast a story that both naturally shares the space it shares with its accompanying image and also stands as work of art in its own right – hence the provided ability  to separate poem and image. This adds a further dimension to the exhibition: through the combination of words and art, we are effectively given two exhibitions for the price of one.

A further “complimentary / contrast” (so to speak) lies within Eli’s pieces. Three of these are presented in monochrome or soft tones at both sets them part from Ladmilla’s work, yet joins with them through this contrast, as well as through the presentation of The Message, which shares the deeper tone seen within Ladmilla’s work.

THE EDGE Art Gallery

The exhibition is framed within what is, for me at least, a new and more open gallery building than seen in my last visit to the gallery (May 2020). It shares the parcel with an external display of Second Life art from Ladmilla’s personal collection, and a small garden of 3D art featuring work by Cherry Manga, Mistero Hifeng, Eupalinos Ugajin and Bryn Oh – which (please allow my own ego to do a small tap dance) is backed by a 2019 image by yours truly. And be sure to say hello to Brillo when visiting

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The Edge – a new home in Second Life

THE EDGE Art Gallery, May 2020

THE EDGE Art Gallery, operated by Ladmilla and Eli Medier has a new home in Second Life. Now occupying a 2-storey villa-style house, the gallery serves as a centre for the couple to display their own art alongside of a new project they have initiated called Art on the Road.

The large interior walls of the house provide space for Ladmilla’s and Eli’s SL-centric images, with the rooms spacious enough so that the furniture within them doesn’t interfere with views of the art. These offer a mix of unique pieces by Ladmilla and Eli, and a set of joint pieces feature an image by Ladmilla and words by Eli.

THE EDGE Art Gallery, May 2020

This latter style of art by the couple has always had a fascination for me. The melding of Eli’s words with Ladmilla’s art offers a rich combination of imagery and narrative that cannot fail to capture the imagination. Eli also provides his own images and words, while Ladmilla presents a series of her own images taken from her journeys around Second Life, adding to the overall richness of the art on display within the gallery. Outside, the garden fence offers space for art by some of Ladmilla’s and Eli’s favourite artists.

Also to be found in the gallery is information on Lamilla and Eli’s Art on the Road series, mentioned above.

THE EDGE Art Gallery, May 2020

This is a project to bring art to the roads of Mainland, with small gallery spaces, offering people the chance to drop by and appreciate Eli’s and Ladmilla’s art.

We thought it would be nice that instead of calling people to the usual galleries, we’d use some spots like small pubs along the roadsides what may attract people’s attention. We don’t know how well it will work, although we hope to keep the spaces for some time, so we’re just a trying things. Besides, we love mainland!

– Ladmilla

At the time of writing, three such locations have been set up by the couple, landmarks below. As well as offering more opportunities to enjoy Lamilla’s and Eli’s art, each location includes a tandem bicycle rezzer so that visitors can enjoy along the roads of Mainland.

THE EDGE Art Gallery, May 2020

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Artistry at THE EDGE in Second Life

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Ladmilla and Eli

Open through until December 23rd 2019 at THE EDGE Art Gallery, curated by Ladmilla, is the gallery’s final exhibition for the year. Entitled Artistry, it is again an ensemble exposition, bringing together an interesting mix of talents and a stirring of 2D and 3D art, with images from both the virtual and physical realms.

In all, eight artists present displays at the gallery, their number rounded-out by a further display of art by Lamilla herself, accompanied with words by her Second Life partner, Eli Medier. As usual, the majority of the artists participating in this session display their art within the gallery’s individual Tuscan-style houses set around the gallery’s grounds / gardens, with Ilyra Chardin presenting her pieces within the garden itself.

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Ilrya Chardin

It is the latter that mixes 2D and 3D art, with Ilyra’s 2D digital mix media, most of which originate with photos taken within Second Life, sharing the space with six very distinctive pieces of mesh sculpture.

Two artists making a return visit to THE EDGE having been a part of the September / October ensemble exhibition at the gallery are Davenwolf Dagger and Loegan Magic.

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Davenwolf Dagger

As I’ve admitted to in past articles on his work, I’m something of a fan of Davenwolf’s evocative photography, in which he captures physical world locations in the most captivating way, and through his pictures, weaves a pictorial narrative. With Broken Dreams, he takes this a stage further, combining words with his images (please read the text panels before examining the art) to present a haunting story of a once-loved house and home (and a place which now, thanks to Australian bush fires, may no longer exist).

With Simple Things, Loegan offers more of his enticing looks at Second Life, offering a marvellous selection of focused images that convey stories about the digital spaces in which we chose to spend so much of our lives – but which also contain within them moods and thoughts that extend beyond the digital and into the physical, thus tying the two together in an elegant reflection of how our physical and digital lives intertwine.

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Loegan Magic

Through Out of the Mist, Thomas Crown simply presents as series of images of Second Life that offer unique glimpses of this world through his eyes, and the landscapes and residents that bring it to life. And by “residents”, I’m not referring to avatars; a world is brought to life as much by its animals and wildlife and even by the vehicle humans have created to assist them in their travels through the places they inhabit. So it is these “residents” – wild fowl, horses, steam trains, boats, and cattle, to which I refer and which are evocatively portrayed here.

Avatars are very much the focus of Tresore’s From Dark to Light, in which she presents her avatar in a variety of story-laden setting and styles from period to fantasy and back, in which colour – notably red and black – play as much a role in many of the pieces as her avatar’s pose and style of dress. Colour and depth are also very much present to great effect in Raging Bells’ untitled selection of SL photographs, offering as they do a sense of the richness of life and opportunity within this virtual realm.

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Raging Bells

I admit to not having to have previously come across Zia Branner’s work in Second Life, or that of BigZee. Zia is a physical world artist who constructs marvellous images through the use of acrylics (mainly on canvas) together with structure paste, gel, sand, glue, bandages and paper, and perhaps oil crayons and acrylic ink to accentuate parts of a an image. Held under a layer of mat or gloss varnish, this gives such pieces a sense of physical texture that is clearly evident when presented through a digital medium like SL. BigZee meanwhile, presents images from Second Life that offer their own sense of texture and life through his use of especially vibrant and attention-grabbing colours.

In Shadows, Ladmilla and Eli round-out the exhibition with a series of very tonal images by Ladmilla combined with words by Eli. Utterly captivating in their own right, the narrative in each image is given even greater depth and poignancy through Eli’s words as they perfectly amplify the mood and feeling exuded by each piece.

THE EDGE Art Gallery: Artistry – Zia Branner

As always with THE EDGE, a fascinating selection of art and artistry.

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Art and inspiration in Second Life

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 – Impossibleisnotfrench

Opening on Saturday, September 21st at THE EDGE Art Gallery, curated by Ladmilla, is a new ensemble exhibition entitle Afflatus (“inspiration”). Running through until Monday, October 21st, 2019, the exhibit features the work of Impossibleisnotfrench, Jessamine2108, Davenwolf Dagger, Loegan Magic, together with gallery “regulars” (residents?) Kapaan, Larisalyn, PartrickofIreland and Trisharose, all rounded-out by a display of art and words by Ladmilla and her SL partner, Eli Medier.

For this exhibition, part of the lawn between the gallery’s indoor exhibition spaces has been turned into a garden display, with paths meandering around work by the quite delightfully name Impossibleisnotfrench (using the Display Name Harry Cover – the name I’m going to go with here, simply for brevity of typing!), and Trisharose. I’m starting here in part because it is the most obvious element in the exhibition, sittig as it does in the midst of the gallery space, but also because Harry’s 3D work is utterly captivating, and it’s the first time I can recall witnessing it in Second Life.

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 – Impossibleisnotfrench

For My Third Life Harry present 25 eggs, the majority of which are each slightly larger than an avatar’s neck and head, all of them mindful of Fabergé eggs, but eschewing the gold and bejewelled exteriors in favour of external painting and design in keeping with their contents. Within each (just click the lid on those that might be closed and hiding their interiors) is the most remarkable diorama or model, all of them spanning a broad range of subjects from little World War I Sopwith Camels patrolling the air over their base, to miniature paintings to tiny goldfish swimming in their bowl, with landscapes, figurines and even a couple of cheeky and humorous pieces (think the girl is taking a shower? look more closely!). All are actually drawn from elements of Harry’s life and family, thus offering a “3rd life”, so to speak, reflection of his first life. They are, individually and collectively, an absolutely must-see display that is mesmerizing in its beauty, inspiration and skill of execution.

Alongside Harry’s installation, Trisharose presents Be Kind, Laugh and Smile Today, a selection of ten avatar studies and two – for me – quite eye-catching studies of that staple of Second Life landscape, the lighthouse.

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 -Trisharose

Within the gallery buildings can be found the installations by the remaining participants in the exhibition, each of whom presents pictures on a theme of their choosing.

Following the order of buildings anti-clockwise from behind the outdoor display, these are Jessamine2108, who offers us a series of Musings, images ranging from studies of avatars in motion (Passion) through to composite pieces (Transcendence) by way of landscape studies to present a set of pieces that do indeed encourage the mind to muse on them. With All Creatures Great and Small, a wonderful selection of landscape and animal images captured around SL, Larisalyn channels the spirit of James Herriot (actually veterinary surgeon Alf Wright), and I challenge anyone not to find a smile at the title piece alongside the entrance to her gallery space.

For Vintage Virtual and The Promise Loegan Magic and Kapaan respectively focus on black and white images, albeit it in very different ways. With his images, Loegan presents  scenes from Second Life that suggest we are looking back over many decades, to a time before the advent of colour photography; only the appearance of the shells of road vehicles in a couple breaks this illusion.  More than that, however, is that in their monochrome rendering, these are images suggestive of a mind in sleep recalling the places it has seen through the medium of dreaming.

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 – Loegan Magic

Kapaan’s work, meanwhile is of a darker tone and presents itself as a narrative, each image potential a scene from an unfolding story – a journey undertaken by a lone hero. But to what end? That, perhaps, is for us as the witnesses to decide. Or perhaps the clue lies in the small annex to the main display space.

Davenwolf Dagger is a photographer in the physical world whose work first came to my attention earlier in 2019, and towards which I admits to having something of a fascination. With Industrial Fusion he offers more of his images from the Queen Victoria Museum and Art Gallery, Launceston, Tasmania, and which make up his Blacksmith series. Here they are combined with industrial pieces from SL to provide a unique blending of ideas.

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 – Ladmilla and Eli

Puppets presents more of Ladmilla’s always superb and evocative images – here with a slightly surreal slant – coupled with Eli’s masterful use of prose and poem to present a series of pieces encompassing reflections on life, identity, relationships and human nature, all of which meld the physical and the virtual to stir the mind and the eye.

Surrealism is also very much a part of PatrickofIreland’s Four Elements – Essentials of Life. This is something of an immersive installation, commencing within the courtyard of the gallery space. As the name suggests, it offers a celebration of the four essential elements of life  – water, air, earth and fire, with each represented through fabulously surreal pieces.

The Edge, Afflatus, September 2019 – PatrickofIreland

Inspired and inspirational, Afflatus and its ensemble exhibitions of at officially opens at 11:00 SLT on Saturday, September 21st, with music by DJ Avalon Boa between 12:00 noon and 14:00 SLT.

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The Man Who Lived in the Future, in Second Life

The Edge Art Gallery, July / August 2019: The Man Who Lived in the Future

Currently open at The Edge Art Gallery operated and curated by Ladmilla, is an exhibition marking the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci. The exhibition, entitled The Man Who Lived in the Future, features a new look for The Edge Art Gallery and displays are by sadi8 and JurisJo, jessamine2108, Larisalyn, PatrickofIreland, Kapaan and Ladmilla herself.

The new look for the gallery space is very much Tuscan in nature – as befitting da Vinci, a son of Florence (Vinci being a città of Florence). Exhibition spaces take the form of individual Tuscan-style houses all space around three sides of open lawns and a garden area, with the main reception area and a further gallery space rounding-out the building on the three sides of the lawns.

The Edge Art Gallery, July / August 2019: The Man Who Lived in the Future – Larisayln

Within this garden is a model of da Vinci’s aerial screw by Sergio Delacruz, together with an airship and Bach’s Spine (the latter by Eupalinos Ugajin) to give reminders of both de Vinci’s own vision and the ideas of motion and flight, which both fascinated him. However, this is very much an exhibition of 2D art, and the manner in which the artist have chosen to interpret the life and times of da Vinci is what makes it attractive.

For example, Larisalyn takes as her muse, Cecilia Gallerani. A mistress of Ludovico Maria Sforza, Duke of Milan, she was da Vinci’s subject for his 1489 painting The Lady with an Ermine. She was also responsible for inviting da Vinci to her chamber discussions on philosophy and other subjects with members of the local intellectual set over which she presided. With the images presented here, Larisalyn notes she has tried to represent da Vinci’s style of painting.

The Edge Art Gallery, July / August 2019: The Man Who Lived in the Future – Kapaan

Kapaan, meanwhile focuses on both da Vinci’s inventiveness and his art. His gallery space includes representations of da Vinci’s parachute,  together with monochrome images of the parachute in use. These are displayed with imaginative takes on a couple of da Vinci’s most famous works, The Vitruvian Man and Mona Lisa.

Styles reminiscent of da Vinci’s studies of people and nature, as well as representations of his flying machine can also be found within the displays by PatrickofIreland, sadi8 and JurisJo, and Ladmilla – and I admit to finding PatrickofIreland’s The Study, featuring da Vinci himself, to be particularly evocative, as is the small model of da Vinci’s flying machine.

The Edge Art Gallery, July / August 2019: The Man Who lived in the Future – PatrickofIreland

I confess to being a little confused by jessamine2108’s images, which appear to be closer to more “traditional” avatar and SL nature studies, rather than being intrinsic to a celebration of da Vinci. Which is not to say they are not in themselves attractive.

Those who venture into the gallery space enclosing two sides of the landing point terrace will find a further selection of Ladmilla’s own art, including a series of images partnered with words by Eli Medier, which make for an evocative display in their own right.

The Edge Art Gallery, July / August 2019: The Man Who Lived in the Future – Ladmilla

Two musical events are planned alongside The Man Who Lived in the Future. On Saturday, July 27th, DJ Avalon Boa will be spinning music from 12:00 noon SLT through 14:00, with DJ le Ouf doing the same at the same time, on Saturday, August 3rd.

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The magic of images and words in Second Life

The Edge: ViktorSavior and AlenaPit

Currently open at The Edge gallery curated by Ladmilla, is an ensemble exhibition entitled Visual Poems. It features pairings of art and poetry, with some of the artists providing both the words and images, others working in pairs: one producing the images and the other the words.

Pieces are spread between two of the gallery’s exhibition spaces: the castle – notably the upper rooms and the parapet walks around the curtain walls – and in and alongside the cathedral. Those participating in the exhibition are: Mirabelle Sweetwater (images and words); Kapaan (images and words); PatrickofIreland (images and words); Thomascrown11 (images and words) VenicioArmin (images and words) Pearl Grey (images) and Klaus Bereznyak (words); TaraAers (images) and Oleanhorok (words); ViktorSavior (images) and AlenaPit (words); and Ladmilla (images) and Eli Medier (words).

The Edge: TaraAers) and Oleanhorok

This is a fascinating exhibition  – and one that, by virtue of the its scale, may require more than one visit to fully appreciate. The combining of words and images is always an interesting concept (something we have often explored with Seanchai Library with exhibitions at Holly Kai Park), perhaps doubly so when the creator of an image is entrusting their work to the imagination of another to produces the words around it.

Hence, within this exhibition there is an attractiveness to the pairing of artist and poet that can captivate, and without wishing to appear to select favourites, I admit to being particularly drawn to the pieces by Viktor and Alena (two of which form the banner image for this article). There is a minimalist beauty to Viktor’s images that is perfectly balanced by Alena’s 4-line verses. Together they paint a complete story that is deeply evocative.

The Edge: Mirabelle Sweetwater

Alena is a prolific writer, having produced more than 200 poems, and what fascinates me with this particular pairing is the question of which came first: the image or the poem? Or perhaps they have independent origins, with the artists matching words and pictures after the fact.

All my feelings from the heart and soul are reflected in poetry, which makes up most of my life in SL and RL. I write about different things: about romantic relationships, about feelings, about family, about nature, about hope and love. Many people say that my poems are positive and easy. I hope you leave me your opinion about them too. I write poems in Russian, but now I begin to prepare translations into English and arrange visual exhibitions in SL art galleries.

– AlenaPit on her writing

The Edge: Venicio Armin

Alongside the gallery’s cathedral is Venicio Armin’s selection of images for the exhibition, and I must again confess I found these to be completely engrossing. Presented in monochrome the images and words, provide a story of two relationships: the relationship between a man and a woman and the love Argentines have for the Tango. Through six images and short poems bother are beautifully framed and presented in magnificent depth, with Venicio also offering the opportunity to hear the music of the Argentine Tango.

Also on offer at the gallery is an exhibition of art by  anibrm Jung and 3D art by Sempiternel and Mariemadeleine38. These add further depth to an engaging visit – but again, you should allow time to give the exhibitions the attention the deserve.

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