UKanDo Kokua and RLV updates

UKanDo, Kokua and the Restrained Love Viewer (RLV) have all seen recent updates in April 2015, bringing them up-to-par with the Lab’s 3.7.27 code base, which features the most recent maintenance updates from the Lab. In the case of UKanDo and Kokua, this means that Avatar Hover Height (AHH) is now available in the viewers, while RLV sees a couple of tweaks to AHH.

Core updates to the three viewers are summarised below.

UKanDo Viewer

UKanDo updated to version on April 16th. As well as incorporating AHH and the maintenance updates from the Lab, this release also brought with it:

  • Develop > HTTP Inventory now permanently enabled in UKanDo viewer, in line with recent LL server-side updates
    Develop > HTTP Inventory now permanently enabled in UKanDo viewer, in line with recent LL server-side updates

    An update to RLV release 2.9.8

  • Complete disabling of the Develop menu option allowing people to turn off HTTP Inventory loading. This is to ensure people do not encounter issues with avatar and / or inventory loading as a result of the Lab removing UDP inventory messaging support for the simulator code – see my notes on this for further information
  • The addition of a new debug setting, EnvironmentPersistAcrossLogin. When set to True, will to counter MAINT-2477 Feature Request – Sun position override should not persist across logins
  • The ability to toggle the Paste As Link option in the Inventory right-click context menu on or off, according to your personal preference (Preferences > General > Inventory Show ‘Paste As Link’ Option
  • A change to allow copy of worm items – So links for worn items can be created
  • Don’t show inventory item links or folder links in Recent Tab.

Kokua Viewer

Kokua updated to version on April 23rd. As well as incorporating AHH and the maintenance updates from the Lab, this release also brought with it:

  • AHH in Kokua's pie menu can be found under the Appearance ... option in the main pie menu
    AHH in Kokua’s pie menu can be found under the Appearance … option in the main pie menu

    The most recent RLV 2.9.9 updates

  • Fixes for:
  • In-world Flash playback issues on Linux – Ticket #333
  • Fix to top bar Draw Distance slider showing distance – Ticket #338
  • Upload fee not reflected on menus for OpenSim – Ticket #340
  • “compile as mono” option does not work – Ticket #342
  • File -> Upload -> Set Default Upload Permissions does nothing – Ticket #344
  • Changing the grid-selection option in preferences crashes viewer – Ticket #346
  • Determine correct webkit libraries that need delivered with the Linux version of the viewer – Ticket #347
  • Kokua Linux Fails to start – Ticket #348
  • Chat history compact mode does not convert the Avatar Name in OpenSim – Ticket #351

Issues and feature requests can also be found in the release notes.

RLV Updates

RLV updated to version 2.9.8 on April 8th and then to version 2.9.9 on April 21st. The 2.9.8 release saw the existing avatar height slider in the RLV top bar tied to the Lab’s new Avatar Hover Height functionality, so that using either the top slider or Avatar Hover Height from the Avatar right-context menu will use the same code and result in the same adjustments.

The RLV avatar height slider (top bar) is now tied to the Avatar Hover Height functionality. Notice the top bar operates to 2 decimal places and AHH to 3, so small rounding differences are to be expected when comparing the two
The RLV avatar height slider (top bar) is now tied to the Avatar Hover Height functionality. Notice the top bar operates to 2 decimal places and AHH to 3, so small rounding differences are to be expected when comparing the two

In addition, the 2.9.8 update saw a tweak the viewer so that HTTP Inventory is enabled by default in the viewer, again in line with the Lab’s recent move to deprecate the UDP messaging for inventory loading server-side. As RLV previously had HTTP Inventory disabled by default, this meant RLV users were no longer seeing their own avatars render in-world, and could lead them to experiencing inventory load issues as well (see my nots, linked-to in the UKanDo section above for further information). The release also saw some nips and tucks to RLV functionality.

Version 2.9.9 added a small fix to the linked AHH functionality and incorporates the Lab’s 3.7.27 maintenance release updates, as noted at the top of this article.

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Restrained Love “z-offset” height adjustment update

In my week 35 project updates on SSA, I brought word that both Henri Beauchamp’s Cool VL Viewer (V1-style) and Marine Kelley’s Restrained Love Viewer (V3-style) have incorporated a means developed by Henri by which the new “hover” capability from LL can be used to make on-the-fly avatar height adjustments in a similar manner to the old TPV “z-offset”.

However, a slight error with the initial release of the new “z-offset” capability within the Restrained Love Viewer (version meant that any changes made were only locally applied; they were not being passed to the baking service for onward transmission. This meant that while you would see your avatar’s height adjust, no-one else would.

Marine has rectified this with the release of Restrained Love If you’ve already downloaded and installed, you’ll need to update for the capability to work correctly. As with Henri’s original implementation, there are a number of up-front points to note how things work, as they have changed from the “old” z-offset functionality:

  • As with LL’s hover feature, that avatar shape must be modifiable (if not, the Z-offset won’t work)
  • There will be a delay in setting the offset and seeing the final result because each change does require viewer / server communications. Multiple quick changes to the z-offset should therefore be avoided, as they may not propagate correctly.

Marine notes that there are a couple of niggles with her implementation, and that care should be taken with height adjustments.

In addition to the time taken for adjustments to propagate through the system, you may find that when they have done so, you avatar may appear a little higher or lower than you originally set. Should this happen, don’t juggle with the slider; wait another second or two and the avatar’s height will make a final adjustment and appear as you intended.

With this update, the slider will also adjust a seated avatar as well, although adjustments don’t show-up on-the-fly; instead you have to make an adjustment and wait for it to propagate via the baking service in order to see your avatar shift (along with everyone else).

The update is available for all three versions of Restrained Love, links below.

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“Tiling” snapshot fix (and more) now in the SL release viewer, Dolphin, Niran’s and RLV

Snapshot Tiling Fix

The snapshot tiling fix (MAINT-628) can now be found in the following viewers:

  • Dolphin viewer (current release now
  • Niran’s Viewer 2.0.5+
  • Restrained Love (Windows)
  • SL release viewer (released: 18th December).
Tiling test for Dolphin
Tiling test for Dolphin ( image taken at 3500×2134 resolution using Dolphin Location: The Island of Armenelos (M) (click to enlarge) – fix also in the latest SL official viewer (, Niran’s Viewer (2.0.5+) and RLV (

Graphics Preferences Updates for GPU Classes

The SL viewer, Dolphin and RLV all include the new Graphics Preferences settings related to the ongoing GPU table updates. These new options place additional “stops” on the Quality and Speed slider between the four original settings of Low, Mid, High and Ultra, which are intended to better represent the default SL capabilities of different GPU classes,

The new "intermediary" graphics settings intended to better represent the capabilities of different GPU classes
The new “intermediary” graphics settings intended to better represent the default SL capabilities of different GPU classes

SSAO Fix for Horizon Haze

Also included in the recent Dolphin and Niran’s Viewer releases, is Tofu Buzzard’s SSAO improvements for generating horizon haze over Linden Sea (“ambient  distance fog”). This helps overcome a long-standing bug within the viewer which has effectively broken / nerfed horizon haze over Linden Water for a considerable time.

SSAO haze effect - fix from Tofuu blizzard, available in deferred mode on Dolphin and Niran's viewers.
SSAO haze effect – fix from Tofu Blizzard, available in deferred mode on Dolphin and Niran’s viewers. (image courtesy of Niran V Dean) – click to enlarge

Space Reflections

Niran’s viewer also introduces an interesting / experimental viewer-side feature from Tofu Blizzard called “space reflections”, designed to create reflections on shiny surfaces when running in deferred mode and with the appropriate Graphics Preferences option enabled. It’s not perfect, but it can be used to produce some interesting effects, as shown below, if only for those running a viewer which can render the desired results.

Tofu blizzard's "space reflections": (l) a viewer running in deferred mode; (r) Niran's viewer running in deferred with "space reflections" active
Tofu Blizzard’s “space reflections”: (l) a viewer running in deferred mode; (r) Niran’s viewer running in deferred with “space reflections” active to produce reflections both on the floor and inside the large sphere (click to enlarge)

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Direct Delivery: Restrained Love and Dolphin with Merchant Outbox

Update April 1st: Dolphin Viewer has been updated to Percipal updates comprise the Kokua mesh uploader (Nicky Perian), Firestorm’s ability to attach a short message to avatar-to-avatar payments, and some fixes to the gstreamer audio playback and client-side AO.

This week sees the Restrained Life Viewer and Dolphin Viewer gain Merchant Outbox functionality for Direct Delivery.

Restrained Love

The V3.2-based standalone version of Marine Kelley’s Restrained Love Viewer is built on the standard V3.2 code, with a number of UI improvements. Marine develops the Windows version, with Kitten Ninetails maintaining the Mac and Linux versions.

As well as the arrival of the Merchant Outbox, this version sees a number of updates and fixes to the Restrained Love capabilities within the Viewer, all of which can be found listed on Marine’s blog. In testing the Merchant Outbox on the Windows version, I found it worked without any problems, while the revision to the position of the draw distance slider helps make this more usable.


This release brings with it support for the Merchant Outbox for Windows, Mac and Linux. In addition, as an added and welcome tweak, Lance has doubled the length timeout on the Outbox so disconnects should be less frequent than may be experienced in other Viewers.

The remaining updates comprise:

  • The “RLV Height offset” slider is now wide enough to be properly functional, and has a reset button.
  • A checkbox to disable rendering of attached light sources has been added in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Graphics.
  • A fix for scripted sounds from FireStorm has been imported that makes scripted sounds play correctly the first time.
  • Codebase has been updated to official 3.3.1 source from SnowStorm.
  • RLV has been updated to


Both of these Viewers are using the latest 3.3.1 code release from LL, which has yielded some stunning results on my “regular” system. Together with the latest SL Viewer (3.3.0 (251182)), I experienced the following frame rates on my home sim with 4 others present on the same region:

  • Average fps, no-deferred / no shadows, @ 390m: 45fps
  • Average fps, no-deferred / no shadows, @ ground level: 36fps
  • Average fps, deferred / shadows active, @ 390m: 20fps
  • Average fps, deferred / shadows active, @ ground level: 18fps

While visiting a popular store (Graves main store), with seven other avatars present, my frames rates were: 32 fps with deferred rendering / shadows off, and 14fps with deferred rendering and shadows on. Taken together and in terms of running with lighting / shadows enabled, these figure represent the best results I’ve had for any Viewer running on my PC, and leave me hoping that similar improvements will be seen in other Viewers as they cut over to the 3.3.1 code.

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Restrained Love, Dolphin 3 and Niran’s updated

This week has seen a number of TPVs updated. Rather than dwell interminably on each of them, here’s a rapid rundown, based on the individual blog entries for the three Viewers.

Restrained Love Viewer

Release 2.8.3 brings with it many bug fixes and:


  • New keyboard shortcuts for builders (they are also added to the Build > Options sub-menu):
    • – Alt+W to edit linked parts
    • – Alt+T to set to stretch textures
    • – Alt+B to set to stretch both sides
    • – Alt+R to set to set grid mode to World
    • – Alt+F to set to set grid mode to Local
    • – Alt+V to set to set grid mode to Reference
    • – Alt+G to set to set current selected object as Reference and set grid mode to Reference
  • Debug setting “RenderMeshDeformed” to switch Qarl’s parametric alpha mesh deformer on and off (it is off by default
  • LL’s patch for the new inventory features (i.e. no accidental nudity)
  • Allow to click in-world while in Mouselook mode, even when your controls are taken, but only while pressing Alt


  • Inventory offers were unreadable (the Show button used to overwrite the URL), same for teleport offers
  • Shift+Right-click on an object in world failed to open it
  • In Mouselook mode, we could only click on something or fire with a gun once
  • RLV_50: Fix to the alignment tool in the Build floater is broken (thanks given to Lance Corrimal and Jonathan Yap)
  • RLV_52: another avatar sitting down while in ML resets my camera (with thanks to Lance Corrimal)


  • Unable to be force TPed when in Busy mode.


Dolphin Viewer

Version brings with it:

  • The main inventory tab can now show or hide links, or show only links (the recent and worn tabs always hide links). Switch it on via the Inventory gear icon
  • The use of private memory pools has been switched off. If you notice more crashes than before, switch it back on with the Debug setting “MemoryPrivatePoolEnabled” and let Lance know (via a post on the forum)
  • This version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 does not send “LookAt” data anymore, if you switch on “Do not point at objects” (Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous). Lance notes that, “The options to have the LookAt / PointAt crosshairs on-screen will be gone in the next release, unless someone points out good use cases for having them that are not based on drama or paranoia.”
  • The inventory patch recommended by Oz Linden has been implemented – no “accidental nudity” for Dolphin Viewer 3 users
  • Updated to RLV
  • When you take a Snapshot to disk using the keyboard shortcut CTRL-SHIFT-D, it uses the file format that you selected for your last “snapshot to disk” from the snapshot floater
  • The check boxes for switching AutoCloseOOC and AllowMUpose are back in Preferences->Dolphin Viewer 3->Miscellaneous
  • The linux version of the Dolphin Viewer 3 now uses dbus calls in the secondlife: handler script to send SLurl to whichever viewer is running at the time. Lance comments, “This is not available on 64-bit Windows, so please vote for VWR-28073 and VWR-28074. Thanks.”
  • The Windows installer should not use the term “Second Life” anymore anywhere in any language. It should read “The Dolphin Viewer 3″
  • Some Windows build issues have been addressed.
  • Fixes:
    • The tips of the handles of the Align tool in the Build toolbox point in the right directions
    • Sharing inventory items with more than one inventory window is open is now working correctly
    • The hovertip on the local chat bar mentions whispering as well
    • Previews of textures show the checkerboard pattern again under transparent areas. Lance notes: “This version still does this with the old deprecated OpenGL calls. The next version of Dolphin Viewer 3 will do it “right”, thanks to Shyotl from Singularity”
    • Fixed: the “Preview As” dropdown in the texture upload preview is not covered by the texture anymore.


Niran’s Viewer

Release 1.12 brings with it:

  • New Build floater
  • Ability to select the use of your right arm when selecting / pointing / building
  • Revised pie menu
  • Ability to see UI when in Mouselook
  •  Shining updates.
Niran’s: UI visible in Mouselook (note ML crosshairs in the centre of the image)

The UI-in-Mouselook is interesting – NiranV mentions it as coming via Dolphin, but I’ve failed to notice it in that Viewer (or any other V3-based TPV) – not that I’m a major user of ML at the best of times and so may well have missed it if it is a debug setting (or I managed to skip the option in Preferences). It’s an interesting addition to direct 1st person use of the Viewer, especially given UI options can be accessed using the Alt key. For those who prefer a more traditional Mouselook view, the UI can currently be hidden using a debug command: AllowUIHidingInML.

As a semi-regular user of Niran’s Viewer, I have to say, I’m not totally convinced with the build floater changes (which need a small amount of tidying-up) on two counts. Firstly, because Niran’s is one of three Viewers I routinely use, and so the layout cuts against the other two – this is admittedly more *my* problem than the Viewer’s.

Secondly – and more importantly – while the “traditional” builder floater is getting increasingly crowded (and one could argue it does need a bit of a re-think), it does have a certain logical flow in the way information is presented – and scanned by the user. This is something that appears to have been lost in this initial presentation within Niran’s Viewer.