Giovanna’s Traces at PAC in Second Life

PAC Featured Artist: Giovanna Cerise

Giovanna Cerise is an artist whom I’ve admired for years. Her work, which spans both the virtual and the physical, is exceptional, whether seen as an individual piece, or as a complete installation.

As I recently reported, she has recently returned to artistic expression through Second Life after a hiatus of several years, opening a studio gallery at Campbell Coast – and I’m particularly honoured and delighted to announce that Giovanna is the first artist to appear at the Phoenix Artists Collaboration as a Featured Artist.

PAC Featured Artist: Giovanna Cerise

Officially opening on Saturday, February 6th, 2021 at PAC, is a special display of art Giovanna has put together, entitled Traces. It marks her first formal exhibition since her return to Second Life – although it will obviously not be her last. It  presents a mix of her work, past and present;  however, I’ll let Giovanna describe Traces in her own words:

The exhibition traces some of the stages of the artist’s production.
The proposed works were made with various techniques and testify to the evolution of his artistic career. On the ground floor there are some works made only with prim, dating back to 2010-2011 and three unpublished works: two sculptures and an installation created for this occasion.
On the upper floor, one side of the gallery is dedicated to some works made in second life, but which were then exhibited some physically others with videos in the real world. The exhibition itinerary is completed with the proposal of some more recent works which were included in installations and which cannot be reproduced here.

– Giovanna Cerise, February 2021

PAC Featured Artists Gallery: Giovanna Cerise

Spread across the two floors of the gallery, commencing with the captivating Senza Titolo (“Without Title”),  this is an exhibition that is not just to be seen, but experienced, the pieces positioned through the gallery’s spaces in such a manner as to present the feeling the visitor is moving through them as much as the gallery itself; text elements on the floor before some of them adding to this sensation.

On the upper floor of the gallery is the opportunity to witness how Giovanna’s work has been celebrated in the physical world, where she has worked alongside other Second life and Physical world arts alumni such as Patrick Moya (Moya Janus in SL).

As well as the text elements on the gallery floor spaces, pieces may also be accompanied by information givers so that visitors can learn more about them, whilst several of the individual pieces are available to purchase for those who wish to add them to their collection.

PAC Featured Artist: Giovanna Cerise

The official opening of Traces will be marked at 13:00 SLT on Saturday, February 6th, with music by our friend and colleague, Joaquin Gustav from 13:15 SLT, at the event space immediately in front of the main gallery.  please do be sure to join us.

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Phoenix Artists Collaboration in Second Life

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: the lake, Carrington Row (right), and Cassatt Square east (left) with Rembrandt Court in the distance

It’s been a while since I last updated on the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC), but I’m pleased to say all to the work in consolidating the group’s presence at Cherished Melody is now complete and just about all of the artists from the Holly Kai location have now set themselves up in their new studios.

As in inevitable with moves, some opted not to make the hop, so the group currently has four vacant units, each with a 50 LI allowance. Artists who might be interested in making use of one should contact either myself or Will Harris (willyharris) in-world.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: part of the Information Hub

Since my August update, a couple of further changes have been made to the platform – notably, we decided to combine the two large galleries into a single (larger) building that will house both the themed Group exhibits and also exhibitions by Featured Artists – both of which will be starting up in due course.

The studios are available for artists to use as they please: display and sell their work, hold their own mini-exhibitions (with the aid of the PAC team for advertising), and so on. All we ask is that exhibitions and art are kept within the limits set by the Second life Terms of Service / Community Standards and the maturity rating for the Cherished Melody region.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Cassatt Square East in the foreground, with the main gallery beyond beyond it

As it is, PAC artists have a number of exhibitions currently in progress Second Life users are welcome to visit. These are:

Phoenix Artists Collaboration: Gainsborough Court and the open-air display of Silas Merlin sculptures

About the Layout

PAC is located on a sky platform at Cherished Melody. This has been split into a number of areas in which the artist studios have been placed so that we can break things up with footpaths, gardens, bodies of water, etc. This is to hopefully give artists and visitors alike a sense of space and room to enjoy the art that is on offer. The north side of the platform in particular – containing the main landing point, the Information Hub, etc – includes some garden walks up into the hills or along the lake shore, and various places to sit have been added.

In all, there are six locations for artist studios as shown in the map below.

Phoenix Artists Collaboration, Cherished Melody

At the time of writing, these locations feature the following Second Life and physical world artists:

  • Carrington Row:
    • Zach HerrMann; Giselle Seeker; Inara Pey; Audie Spade.
  • Cassatt Square:
    • West: Skye Joubert; Suzzanna LaRue; Mathehilde Vhargon and Looker Lumet.
    • East: Angel Heartsong; Tara Aers; ArtandSoul Constantine; Kayli Ilali and Victor Savior.
    • South: Nils Urqhart; Seiko Blessing; JudiLynn India; Layachi Ihen.
  • Gainsborough Court:
    • The Other Thing; Hamsa; Sophia Joubert; John Huntsman; Tempest Rosca-Huntsman; Kisma Stepanich-Reidling; Vanessa Jane; Uleria Caramel.
  • Magritte Court:
    • Zia Branner; Alex Riverstone; Rachel Magic; CybeleMoon; Loegan Magic; Sisi biedermann; Patrick Ireland; Tom Prospero.
  • Rembrandt Court:
    • Etame; Sisse Singh; Sophie Dunn; Dhyezl Ravenhurst; Slatan Dryke; Raging Bellls; Anouk LeFarve; Melusina Parkin; Shakti Adored.
  • Whistler Court:
    • Sheba Blitz; Cullum Writer; Michiel Bechir; Ethan Hawkins; Tresore Prada-Hawkins; Anibrm Jung; Ilyra Chardin; Owl Dragonash.
Phoenix Artists Collaboration: and Old Tower, parts of the gardens of the platform visitors can explore

For ease of getting around, the Information Hub includes a teleport hub that will take visitors directly to any of the  studio areas, as well as to the main gallery building. The Hub also provides information on the artists at PAC – just click on the portraits for biographies, and provides links to the PAC group, the PAC website, and so. on. In addition, visitors are also welcome to take the teleport link down to the ground level of cherished Melody, which is also open to the public.

So, do please feel free to pay PAC a visit and enjoy the art!

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Consolidating PAC: 52 studios, 2 galleries, 1 shattered builder!

Cherished Melody: the waterside walk and Featured Artist gallery beyond, with one of the new studios just visible to the left

A week ago I wrote about one of the things that is keeping be busy – the consolidation work to unify the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC) into a single location.

Well, a week is a long time in Second Life 🙂 , and it finally looks as if the major work is over and I’ll be getting back to more regularly scheduled blogging. The core of the building / landscaping is now done, and the work of transitioning artists from Holly Kai Park to Cherished Melody can shortly begin.

The view from the events space outside the PAC Gallery

It’s been an interesting project; with some 31 artists at Holly Kai Park, and 22 at Cherished Melody within an established setting, it was important we try to bring things together in a way the maintained the look and feel of what Audie had already established, whilst acknowledging we would also need to find space for at least one gallery for group exhibitions, and provide an events space for openings, etc.

Overall, and if I say so myself – and allowing for the fact a little bit of squeezing had to be carried out – thing seem to have turned out pretty well.

In all, Cherished Melody now has 52 indoor studios and two outdoor display areas for our 3D artists. In addition, we’ve actually managed to fit not one, but two gallery spaces into the location. One of these will be the PAC group gallery for exhibitions featuring group members, the second a Featured Artist / special exhibitions gallery (although the space can potentially be re-purposed to provide additional indoor / outdoor studio space, if that becomes a requirement). I’ve also bee able to work in a garden area for pop-up art displays by group members and their friends – although again, the current layout of this area is subject to revision, as it needs a little more brainstorming!

The revised Cherished Melody layout from the air

Most importantly, the work has allowed the water aspects of the setting to be maintained, particularly to the west, but also on the east side as well, with the two bodies of water connected through the water around the landing point that I hope adds to the sense of space within the setting. Admittedly, some of the new studios had to be places somewhat closer together – such is the nature of things – and this can be seen on the south side, where I took a courtyard design Audie used as my lead, but even in these spaces, incoming artists from Holly Kai Park should have a greater sense of space than their former home.

If you are a PAC member at Holly Kai Park, you’re welcome to hop over an take a look – but please, not we’re not quite ready for artists to start claiming spaces, so don’t lay down prims or anyone or start setting up just yet: we’ll let all of you know once we’re ready. Those who are curious about what’s been going on at Cherished Melody are also welcome to come have a look around.

The PAC Gallery, which has an open-air event space before it

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Keeping busy in SL: consolidating PAC

New gallery spaces for PAC artists at Cherished Melody

Friends on Twitter know that my blogging has slowed of late as I’ve been working on a number of projects. One of these is that of some major updates on behalf of the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC).

Cutting a long story short, after PAC lost the ability to use a dedicated full region, Audie Whimsy and I volunteered space for the group, Audie offering a part of her own Full region, whilst I – as the former curator of Holly Kai Park – was able to secure space for some of the group there (see Providing a home for PAC in Second Life and Phoenix Artists Collaboration: April update).

Nine of the new gallery spaces with gardens at Cherished Melody

More recently, it has become apparent this arrangement is not beneficial to the group. The whys and wherefores aren’t important; suffice it to say that thanks to Audie, we’re now able to take the step of consolidating all artists in the group into a single location once again, and we hope that this will allow us to finally kick-start art and other events more centrally, and in the knowledge we have full autonomy in managing our location.

So right now, I’m in the middle of working with Audie to expand the Cherished Melody sky platform to accommodate the 30 artists presently at Holly Kai Park. It’s work that is taking time, as Audie has worked hard to create a unique environment at Cherished Melody, and it’s important that what we do in increasing the platform’s capacity both blends in with Audie’s work without dramatically changing things – and without inconveniencing the artists already there.

We’ve still got a fair amount of work to do!

As it is, the first eight studio galleries are now in place, complete with the core landscaping and garden space (with room for 3D art displays within the garden). A second group of eight units is nearing completion, and we’re working on developing new exhibition spaces for use by members for their own exhibitions as well as group art displays.

All things being equal, the initial work should be completed before the end of August at which time we’ll start to transition the artists at Holly Kai Park over to Cherished Melody. Once that has been done, we’ll be looking to finally gets started on an active programme of activities and events, including:

  • The long-awaited start to group exhibitions.
  • Featured Artist exhibitions.
  • New teaching / learning opportunities via a new Workshop area that will include lessons being streaming into Second Life by artists and photographers.
  • Opening-out the PAC website to allow members to blog about their work, exhibitions they are a part of, etc.

Five more studios and garden under construction

Cherished Melody remains open for visits during the work, and artists already based there do not have to do anything. However, we would ask that if you do drop in,be aware that things are unsettled around the outer edges of the platform, and do please note the Under Construction signs – we don’t want to have people finding a building or garden suddenly dropping on their heads or whooshing off from under them without warning in the construction areas!

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Phoenix Artists Collaboration: April update

Holly Kai Park

In March I wrote about the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC) obtaining a new home (in part) at Holly Kai Park. Since then, things have been moving along (including a few changes at the Park!), but as a whole PAC is now moving to a point where it can start hosts exhibitions and events.

Since my last update, PAC has increased its facilities with the addition of a sky platform at Cherished Melody, provided and looked after by the talented Audie Whimsy. This provides space for a further 22 artists in addition to the 28 currently exhibiting at Holly Kai Park, with plenty of room for expansion, should the demand be there.

Cherished Melody

Both locations offer the same facilities to artists – gallery spaces with up to 50 LI per artist for personal use. Units  – as and when available – can be obtained by joining the PAC group in-world (although we are currently full at both locations; new units will be come on-stream in the near future, we just need time to breathe!), and there is no rental fee associated with unit use.

Units can be decorated however artists wish (although we request no temp rezzing and particle effects are kept to a minimum). Artists can also arrange and promote their own mini-exhibitions and advertise them through the PAC group and website.

Holly Kai Park

Planning is about to commence on the first of the PAC group exhibitions, which will also likely serve as the formal opening events for PAC activities at both Holly Kai Park and Cherished Melody. We’re also mulling options for group social events, and details of these will be announced through both the PAC in-world group and the new website.

Members who use Discord can also track activities, join / create discussions about art, SL and whatever else that suits them through our Discord server. All that’s asked is that conversations are kept polite, topics keep a focus on art (physical world or SL) and Second Life, and that the server isn’t used for spamming others. You can join the server (and create a Discord account, if required) via the link here, or via any of our Discord Server stands located at both Cherished Melody and Holly Kai Park.

Cherished Melody

Rather than information on PAC being confined to the Holly Kai Park website, a separate web presence for the group is being put together. While this is still very much under construction, but it can be found at, where information on PAC, the PAC locations and current artists using PAC facilities can be found. In time, the website will also promote PAC events, host a blog on activities, exhibitions, artists and more, and more as we think of it!

There’s still some work to be done (notably with the website as indicated), with some nips and tucks going on at the two locations – so please forgive and sawdust, construction signs or bits that seem to be missing in the need few days. However, for those who do fancy a visit, feel free to drop into either or both locations.

The Phoenix Artists Collaboration website

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PAC at Holly Kai: mini-update

Holly Kai Park: PAC gallery village

Just over a week ago, I wrote about Holly Kai Park becoming part of the new home for the Phoenix Artists Collaboration (PAC). At that time, most of the major work in preparing the park for PAC’s use had been completed, although there were a few more things to get done before we’d be ready for people to start moving in.

Since that time, there have been one or two unexpected changes to plans – largely down to me having a couple of those three o’clock in the morning ideas that tend to leave you thinking, “now, why didn’t I think of that to START with?” However, the major building work is now complete, and with 32 individual studio spaces for PAC artists.

The work has started in transitioning people across to the Park from the current PAC location, which will be shutting down on March 25th (so as to give time for the buildings and facilities there to be packed away before PAC’s lease on the region expires on April 1st).

Teleport boards at strategic points around the park offer an easy means to get around

We’re going to be transitioning people over in stages so that region performance can be monitored and adjustments made, if required, but on the whole, things are looking good. In the meantime, Audie has commenced work on providing the PAC sky platform as well, so that eventually PAC will have two centres of operation in SL, with cross-teleporting between them.

If you are an artist is SL looking for space to display your art, you might want to considering joining the Phoenix Artists Collaboration. Gallery spaces are provided free of charge, and we’re in the process of creating a social calendar for group members as well, with relaxed events to be launched at Caitinara Bar at Holly Kai.

The PAC Welcome Centre (l), open rezzing area for boats, and the east side galleries with Holly Kai Gallery above them

We’ll be planning an official opening for April, once all artists are settled in at the Park, which will include a group exhibition within the main gallery as well. News on this will be posted through the PAC in-world group, as will info on social events as they are developed. And for those interested in on-line news on PAC, Holly Kai Park and Seanchai Library, the Holly Kai Park website is being re-vamped and will be carrying new on PAC activities, as well as resuming coverage of Seanchai Library events.

So, please do feel free to drop-in to Holly Kai Park and have a wander! Follow the signposts or use the TP boards!

North galleries and interactive sculpture lawns

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