Landscapes at Kultivate Select in Second Life

Kultivate Select Gallery – August 2021

Officially opening at 12:00 noon on Sunday, August 8th, 2021, is the latest Kultivate Select ensemble exhibition, which takes place in the garden space of the Select Gallery.

The theme for the exhibition is Landscapes, and it features a number of artists who will be familiar to many, especially those who enjoy exhibitions at Kultivate’s galleries, as they are very much part of the Kultivate “family”, and one or two names that may not be so well-known, but who are equally deserving of space in the exhibition.

Those taking part comprise: aquarius27, Cutewillow Carlberg, Eucalyptus Carroll, Freedom Voix, Harmony Evergarden, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Moora McMillan, TaraAers, Vanessa Jane, Via Theas and Zia Branner.

Kultivate Select Gallery: TaraAers and Zia Branner

Set around the gallery’s grassy event space, each of the artists has an open-sided hut in which to display their art, presenting a summertime garden environment that fits the theme for the exhibition perfectly. Given the title of the event is “landscapes”, then it should come as no surprise that the majority of the pieces offered feature in-world locations, many of which will likely be instantly identified by the seasoned Second Life travellers whilst offered under a new light through the lenses of the artists.

The notable exceptions to this are Zia Branner, who presents another collection of her paintings that has something of a focus on her captivating coastal views, whilst Harmony Evergarden offers a set of reproductions of her eye-catching original watercolours. I admit that one of the latter (whilst perhaps not the intent of the artist) instantly carried me to the windswept coast of Northumberland, and the curving bay of sand that is watched over by the imposing bulk of Bamburgh Castle. Alongside of Harmony, John Huntsman offers a set from his Garden Collection which, I have to confess, held my attention as I could not determine if they were wholly original, or images from SL post-processed as paintings – or a mix of the two, such is the artistry in their presentation.

Kultivate Select Gallery: Vita Theas and Eucalyptus Carroll

The two-hour opening event will feature the music of Mimi Carpenter and Sarita Twisted, and the dress code is casual.

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Symmetry in art in Second Life

Kultivate Signature Gallery: JudiLynn India

Recently opened at the Kultivate Signature Gallery, curated by Johannes and Trempest Huntsman is Symmetry, an exhibition by physical world artist JudiLynn India.

With a lean towards abstract art, JudiLynn has been drawing and painting for as long as she can remember, and studied art at high school before moving to graphic design at Tyler School of Art/Temple University in Philadelphia, PA. Since the turn of the century she has focused on working in acrylics and digital painting, joining Second Life in 2009 and embracing the platform as a means to reach a broader audience with her work.

Spread across the three floors of the gallery is a series of paintings by JudiLynn that speak directly to the title of the exhibition through their use of symmetry as well as her trademark depth of colour, a factor that always gives her work a vibrant sense of life.

Kultivate Signature Gallery: JudiLynn India

Abstract they may be, but there are strong subliminal elements to be found in these paintings, some suggested by the titles of individual pieces, others by the titles placed around the walls of the gallery and which echo the essence of symmetry: balance, harmony, equilibrium. Some of these may help the eye and the mind to construct a frame of narrative in each piece, while the others, the flow of colour and shape might suggest a tale that sits quite aside from any given title.

Viewing the pieces in turn, I was particularly struck by the manner in which several suggested to me they could so easily have had a fractal origin, rather than being traditional paintings. These pieces (Dark WebEmperorColour of Life and Confetti Fun as examples) give an additional twist to this collection: whilst fractal art is created mathematically as an intersection between generative art and computer art, JudiLynn’s pieces present a sense of generative art that has entirely natural origin. Thus, these pieces might be said to offer a unique statement on the fusion between human and digital art forms.

Kultivate Signature Gallery: JudiLynn India

Enticing, attractive, and rich in colour, Symmetry is another engaging exhibition by someone I regard as one of Second Life’s foremost abstract artists.


Kultivate 6th annual Spring Art Show in Second Life

Kultivate Spring Art Show, 2021

Currently underway until Sunday, June 13th, 2021 is the Kultivate’s Magazine 6th annual Spring Art Show in Second Life, featuring the work of some 32 artists, supported by daily music events.

Kultivate Magazine is a publication about the cultural aspects of Second Life, its goal is to support art, culture, photography, music, and fashion. The brand includes the magazine, The Windlight Art Gallery, The Edge Gallery, The Kultivate Loft Gallery, Signature Gallery, AIR Gallery, the Select Gallery and the satellite Dene Gallery located in Rosehaven. In addition, Kultivate Magazine is the media partner and primary sponsor of Team Diabetes of Second Life, an official and authorised fund-raising team for The American Diabetes Association.

Kultivate Spring Art Show 2021 – Vita Theas

The participating artists for the  2021 Spring Art Show comprise: 4pril Resident, Amanda, Angel Heartsong, Anouk Lefavre, Cutewillow Carlberg, Dandilyon Jinx, Dawnbeam Dreamscape, Deynira Yalin, Elise Sirnah, Eucalyptus Carroll, Eve Petlyakov, Jamee Sandalwood, Johannes Huntsman, Kacey Macbeth, Kapaan Resident, Klint Kord, Lena Kopiak, Matt Thomson, Myra Wildmist, Ohara Takamori, Phoenix, Roxcee REesident, Sabine Mortenwold, Sandor, Sevant Anatra, Sheba Blitz, Slatan Dryke, Tempest Rosca, Vanessa Jane, Veruca Tammas, Viktor Savior, and Vita Theas.

The setting for this year’s event is a formal garden rich in the colours of spring, the artists all occupying individual greenhouses around the edges of the gardens, a broad footpath offering the way around.

Kultivate Spring Art Show 2021 – Vanessa Jane

Entertainment for the rest of the show- my apologies to John and Tempest for only getting to it as it reaches its mid-point – is as follows (all times SLT):

  • Thursday, June 10th
    • Daily Giveaways: 10 gift cards.
    • 13:00: live musician Ziggy Sixpence.
    • 14:00: live vocalist Jackie Lefko
  • Friday, June 11th:
    • Daily Giveaways: 10 gift cards.
    • 18:00: live musician Dee Timeless.
    • 19:00: live musician Thunderfoot.
  • Saturday, June 12th:
    • Daily Giveaways: five skyboxes by Inverse.
    • 17:00: live vocalist Aislen Sings.
    • 18:00: live musician J Lively.
  • Sunday, June 13th:
    • Daily Giveaways: two 3D Environment 360 view skyboxes by Inverse.
    • 13:00: awards ceremony.
    • 14:00: live vocalist Sarita.
    • 15:00: live vocalist Samm Quenda.
    • 23:30: Art Show ends.

So be sure to hop along and enjoy the entertainment and appreciate the art!

Kultivate Spring Art Show, 2021 – Sevant Anatra

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Of Greece and Cats: Slatan Dryke at Kultivate

Kultivate Loft Gallery: Slatan Dryke, April 2021

I love to travel – not that I’ve had much of a chance to do so the last few years (even before the SARS-CoV-2 situation brought a halt to travelling around for just about all of us); I also have a love of cats (I’m the Chief Meal Giver and Dish Washer to two). So when an art exhibition combines both travel and cats, I’m going to hop along to take a look.

In My Greece, My Cats, open at the Kultivate Loft Gallery through most of April 2021, Slatan Dryke presents a personal series of images that document some of his travel to Greece over the years, revealing a place that has become one of his favourites – and introducing some of its feline denizens he came across during his visits.

Kultivate Loft Gallery: Slatan Dryke, April 2021

Slatan is perhaps best known for his in-world sculptures and his digital art, which have been displayed widely across the grid and been a signature part of many collaborative endeavours. His work is oft marked by the use of vibrant colours or deep tones that can give it an almost symphonic depth. However, with My Greece, My Cats, we have a dozen images in monochrome or with a lean into sepia that suggest a lightness of touch and more informal musicality, something totally in keeping with the nature of the country he is representing.

My love of Greece goes back to when I travelled there for the first time more than 40 years ago. My good fortune has been that Greece is a neighbouring country, allowing me to visit so many of its islands where the marrow of its culture and traditions has not changed in centuries.
[But] don’t ask me about the most fashionable locations, because I have never been to them. Ask me about those small islands where the time runs slowly under the shade of a tamarisk tree.

– Slatan Dryke on his love of Greece

Kultivate Loft Gallery: Slatan Dryke, April 2021

One place Slatan particularly fell in love with is the island of Astypalaia, one of the 12 members of the Dodecanese archipelago in the south Aegean Sea, and it is this that he celebrates within this exhibition.

With pieces finished as either photography or processed digital art, Slatan uses the exhibition to reveal the village of Astypalea (or Chora as it climbs one of Astypalaia’s craggy hills to where the imposing bulk of a stone castle sits, commanding a view on all sides. Castle and village are celebrated as a whole in three of the pictures in this exhibition, but so too are more personal aspects of the village and life there: the hand-written chalk menu at a café, the red-roofed barrels of old windmills that match along a street or a quiet place to sit at the water’s edge.

And, of course, there are the cats. As Slatan notes, no Greek village is complete without its local cats, and here he has magnificently captured them – including an endearing look at one cheeky little chappie peeking over a wall to see who dares disturb his rest…

Kultivate Loft Gallery: Slatan Dryke, April 2021

An engaging and charming exhibition that will more than likely have you wanting to visit Astypalaia – I’ve already added it to my itinerary of future visits!

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Anouk Lefavre at Kultivate in Second Life

Kultivate Signature Gallery: Anouk LeFavre

Now open through most of February at the Kultivate Signature Gallery is an exhibition of Second Life landscape photography by Anouk Lefavre.

There is something intensely fascinating about Anouk’s images. Gently post-processed, they have the look and feel of having been painted. The colours are perhaps a little heavier than watercolours, but are lighter than oils, so presenting her work as sitting between the two in a balance that is in itself captivating.

Kultivate Signature Gallery: Anouk LeFavre

More than this, however, the the colours Anouk looks for in her images, together with her framing, means that her pieces are more than images of the places she has records, they are statements of the natural beauty of those places that draws you in. To quote SL photographer Brysen Miller when discussing Anouk’s work:

Truly thought provoking artwork, deep in rich colour tones [and] amazing capture that really make you feel as though you are there. Absolutely brilliant.

All of this is demonstrated in full in the twenty images offered at the Signature Gallery. Nineteen of them are landscape images, with the 20th touching on Anouk’s other focus for photography: avatar studies. All are pieces guaranteed to hold the attention and, with the help of their titles, offer individual narratives that provoke the imagination.

Kultivate Signature Gallery: Anouk LeFavre

However, I admit that of all the images presented, I found myself particularly drawn to the two central images, located on the second and upper floors of the gallery.Neatly split into three panels, they offer a form of latter-day triptych, the breaks between the panels offering an almost chapter-like view of each when viewed left-to-right, whilst equally presenting the complete picture / story when viewed as a whole, the divides between their panels barely interrupting the views they offer.

Which is not to say I in any way dismiss the other pieces; far from it – as noted above, all of them have a marvellous visual appeal.  It’s just that the triptych pieces would make for an ideal centrepiece in a home with a suitable fireplace and wall above it, while I am particularly drawn to the tighter focus and presentation of Behind Screen Memories.

Kultivate Signature Gallery: Anouk LeFavre

But whether drawn to Anouk’s work because of her use of colour, or for the way she balances land and water in creating a scene or for the way she breathes natural life into an image, this is a selection of pieces that will both please the eye and gladden the mind with thoughts of warmer happier days to come.

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An Edge for art in Second Life

Kultivate The Edge: Tempest Rosca

The Edge is Kultivate Magazine’s gallery space specialising in black-and-white photography exhibitions, generally hosting ensemble art displays by artists responding to calls for artists that are periodically announced by the Kultivate team.

Sunday, January 17th marks the first such exhibition at the gallery for 2021, featuring artists Jessamine2108, Maaddi, Eucalyptus Carroll, Johannes Huntsman, Moora McMillan, Blues Rocker, Tempest Rosca, Jamee Sandalwood, Veruca Tammas, Vita Theas and Myra Wildmist.

Kultivate The Edge: Veruca Tammas
As tends to be the case with ensemble exhibitions, the art is wide-ranging in subject matter, featuring avatar studies, reflections on SL art, landscapes, and more. The majority of the artists are familiar to me, and and individuals whose work I always appreciate seeing – although I admit that both Maaddi and Moora are two artists whose work I cannot recall having previously witnessed – and I admit that I found the three pieces presented by Moora attractive in both their subject matter and presentation; Path Near the Sea in particular.

One of the aspects of monochrome photography I particularly like is the matter in which it can add a depth of life to  a image, often more so than if the image had been produced in colour. In the latter the subtleties within an image can sometimes be overlooked as the eye is drawn to admire the way colours have been used or blended; within a monochrome piece, the use of light and dark, whilst obviously presenting contrasts, tends to allow those subtleties to be gently teased to the fore.

Kultivate The Edge: Jamee Sandalwood

This is certainly the case with the majority of the images here, so much so that singling any out is a little unfair, however, I do admit to fining Jamee’s and Tempest’s pieces to particularly demonstrate this. The central image of Tempest’s trio for example, appears to have been pulled from the physical world; had it been in colour, there is a genuine possibility that even allowing for post-processing, its avatarian origins would be apparent.

The one exception to the general themes offered through this exhibition is from Johannes Huntsman.  John is an artist who never fails to impress as he constantly seeks to broaden both his art and his technique. Here he presents four pieces that he has simply called his Geometric Collection, but which carry within them a strong vein of cubism with a measure of abstraction, making them an engaging selection which – and in difference to my comments above regarding the power of monochrome images – would be as engaging were they in colour; so much so, that I look forward to seeing more of John’s experiments in this style of art.

Kultivate The Edge: Johannes Huntsman

But really, all the artists in this ensemble deserve recognition for the pieces they have selected for this exhibition – as you’ll be able to see for yourself in the coming month, or indeed at the formal opening of the exhibition, which takes place at 13:00 SLT on Sunday, January 17th, within the gallery.

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