Filthy Fluno: a Second Life arts pioneer at Sinful Retreat

Janus Gallery I: Filthy Fluno

Saturday, November 6th saw Chuck Clip’s Janus Gallery I at his Sinful Retreat arts hub unveil a new exhibition of physical world art by none other than Filthy Fluno, one of the pioneers of presenting art through Second Life.

Known the the physical world as Jeffrey Lipsky, and residing in Massachusetts, Filthy is a master of art that is so vibrant, it appears to be breathing for itself. His pieces often a marvellous concoction of abstraction, graffiti, and mosaic-like composition that can be rich in presentation, whilst carrying its own narrative, and his style can frequently touch upon the likes of Wassily Kandinsky and Henri Matisse, with a flavouring of Picasso, while also remaining true and unique to itself.

As a virtual world pioneer, he joined Second Life in 2006, recognising the platform as a means to connect with an international audience. Not long after joining he founded (and managed) the Artropolis virtual art community alongside of Maxim Deharo, a group which quickly gained prominence and a hub for arts in SL, and his involvement within the platform was reported in pieces on his work by the likes of the New York Times Magazine and The Improper Bostonian lifestyle magazine, whilst his work and adventures as Filthy Fluno have been exhibited at numerous galleries in the United States and in France and Portugal.

Janus Gallery I: Filthy Fluno

In Filthy Fluno Returns we can witness much of the rich of his work, ranging from the abstracted mentioned above, through to the surreal, with one or two coming close to being impressionistic in their style. Most demonstrate his dynamic approach to art, both in terms of his use of colour and in their overall composition. These are works that are not going to be to everyone’s palette, but for those who like modern art with a twist of metaphor and / or narrative, they are pieces that will not so much gently hold the attention but grab it warmly by the throat and give it a vigorous shaking as the capture the eye and mind.

All of the pieces in the gallery are offered for sale – and not just as virtual pieces. Any purchase entitles the purchaser to obtain a limited edition 9 x 12 inch print on paper with hand embellishments. Simply contact Filthy via e-mail with details of your purchase and suitable mailing address, and he’ll contact you (note that shipping charges included for mailing anywhere in the US or Canada, elsewhere additional shipping charges may apply).

Alongside of the 2D art are a pair of 3D pieces; Nightflyer and BAM, both of which harken back to the days when all people had to create with were humble primitive shapes, with BAM offering a sculpture of Filthy himself.

Janus Gallery I: Filthy Fluno

A genuine blast from the past featuring an artist whose work is as relevant and eye-catching today as it was back in 2006,  Filthy Fluno Returns is a terrific exhibition of art and – for those of us who have been active in SL for long enough – a real blast from the past that is evocative on so many levels.


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  1. Wow, I was friends with Filthy back in 2009, and randomly came across this article now! Will check out the gallery!!!


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