Don’t forget: Friday Feb 26th – Lab Gab AWS update and a farewell

via Linden Lab

Just a quick reminder to folks who may not have caught the official announcement at the start of the week.

The latest edition of the Lab’s chat show series hosted by Strawberry Linden, Lab Gab, streams at 11:00 am on Friday, November 26th. And it’s a special show.

As most are aware, the work to transition Second Life to operating via Amazon Web Services (AWS) was completed at the end of December 2020, and the Lab has completely moved out of its former co-location facility in Arizona.

Since then work has been continuing to make tweaks and updates to both help get some services that didn’t make the transition as smoothly as hoped (perhaps most notably to most people, Map tile updates) once again running as they should, with work also progressing on fine-tuning things, with the Lab looking to better optimise their services to take full advantage of the the hardware and infrastructure provided AWS.

Given all this, the show will feature Grumpity and Oz Linden, respectively the Lab’s Vice President of Product and Vice President of Engineering, will be providing a update on how things are going.

Oz and Grumpity Linden, with Strawberry Linden between them, will be appearing on Lab Gab on Friday, February 26th, at 11:00am SLT. Image courtesy of linden Lab

In addition, Friday, February 26th marks the end of an era. As he recently announced, Oz  Linden is retiring from the Lab as from today, as so the show marks once of his last public appearances as a member of the Lab’s management team – and indeed as a Linden.

In his time at the Lab – which amounts to something over 10 years -, he has achieved and overseen a lot, and has been responsible both directly and indirectly for making Second Life a much more capable platform, and in building a solid and fruitful relationship with both third-party viewer developers and the open-source community in Second Life; he also makes no secret of the fact that he has enjoyed his time at the Lab immensely.

To mark the fact that this is potentially the last time the users will get to hear from Oz, the show will also look back over his time at  the Lab – so be sure not to miss it and hear from him on a personal level.

You can catch it through the Lab’s streaming outlets on YouTube, Facebook, or Periscope, and I’ll more than likely have a summary of the show out within 24 hours of it airing.

Have any thoughts?

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