The Isle of Pandasia in Second Life

Isle of Pandasia, June 2020 – click any image for full size

Update, July 14th: Pandasia is no longer available for public access.

Welcome to the island of Pandasia, mystic with a Zen atmosphere for nature lovers, relaxing and taking photos or taking a boat trip. the sim is fully open including the beach side house. [Have a] Good visit!

– About Land, Isle of Pandasia

For those looking for somewhere just a little bit different in-world to visit, Isle of Pandasia could be just the ticket. The work of T-Chat (noisette Haller), it is a curious mix of oriental themes, fantasy, whimsy and animal cuteness. It might best be described as a series of interlinked vignettes than a continuous landscape, held together by water.

On first arrival, the region seems simple enough: a body of water ringed by high-sided islands of rock, some of which appear to intrude into the region from their off-sim placement. It seems to simply be the home of a couple of low-lying islands, with wooden walkways connecting a Japanese-style shine and pier-end buildings, one of which forms the landing point. But looks can be deceptive.

Isle of Pandasia, June 2020

A walk along the board walk from the landing point can bring visitors to the shrine, Buddha waiting peacefully within. He shares the island with some of the pandas that give the region its name, their presence, like the groves of bamboo close by suggesting more of a Chinese influence than Japanese, while the large sampan-like boat sitting between the board walk and the larger island  suggests either Chinese or Japanese origins.

This larger island offers a little Koi house and garden to be explored. Cranes, flamingoes, rabbits and other critters are scattered around the island, all watched over by a little panda on his rocky throne, and who has apparently wandered here over the bridge connecting the island to the shine.

Isle of Pandasia, June 2020

Beautifully laid out, rich in blossom, this is all a soothing setting ideal for restful moments and photography – but t is far from all that is available. Despite appearing as if it is in the centre of the region, the landing point is actually off to one side, and several of the walls of rock surrounding rising from the water actually sit as curtains hiding the rest of the region’s secrets. How you reach these points is a matter of choice: flying is permitted – but if you can find one, there are little rowing boats that can be used to cross the water.

To the west and north, the rocks screen the beach mentioned in the About Land description, complete with the beach house sitting on its own small sand bar. A ring of the curtain cliffs here encircle a lagoon in which castaways can hide from the world if they like. To the south, a great shelf steps out from the cliffs to provide room for cherry blossom trees and a Japanese-style bath house where a cat might offer a massage.

Isle of Pandesia, June 2020

The bath house overlooks a giant blossom tree that rises from the glass-like water. Lanterns dance around this tree whilst sprites form and roll and then vanish. This is another magical place where a rabbit sits on the water with his lantern and a snowy owl shares the boughs of the tree with two wyrm-like cloud dragons as glass flowers sit in the sunbeams.

More is to be found within the deep gorge sitting between high cliffs to the south of the landing point (the southern end of the gorge the home to a rowing boat rezzer, another little house on the shore nearby. Meanwhile, people can, if they wish, escape the water and take to the air on the back of the blue whale that slowly circles to the north-east.

Isle of Pandasia, June 2020

Rich in wildlife, critters and with koi swimming the waters below, Isle of Pandasia has a lot to see and appreciate, and plenty to photograph, all of which makes for an enjoyable visit.

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    1. At the time the article was written, Pandasia was open to the public – otherwise I wouldn’t have covered it.

      Unfortunately, five weeks is a long time in Second Life, and it is true that in that time, the region has been moved back to restricted access. Sadly, I’m unable to track every change that occurs to regions within Second Life – but thank you for alerting me to the change in status: I’ve updated this article to reflect the fact that Pandasia is no longer open to the public.


    2. Hello, first of all, thank you for this beautiful article that goes straight to my heart and that it is thanks to people like you who take the time to visit and write that we have the pleasure of welcoming people on our sims 🙂 I wanted to clarify that the island of pandasia is not private and is no longer closed. So you are welcome 😉
      I wanted to add that Isle of Pandasia will always be open to people (Except the avatars of – 30 days) Because if I create a world it is for me to please but especially to please the people of sl because it is them that brings my sim to life. There you go, I just had to close the sim temporarily, good evening to you 🙂

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