Calls for 2019 Creepy Crawl venues & Halloween treats

Pendle Hill; Inara Pey, October 2018, on FlickrPendle Hill, October 2018 – blog post

Halloween is approaching once again, and so too is the annual Second Life Creepy Crawl, a time when those from the Lab, together with residents, go hopping around the grid in an avatar answer to trick-or-treating.

This year the event will take place on Thursday, October 31st, starting at 10:00 SLT. As with previous years, it will feature locations suitably Halloweeny in décor suggested by Second Life users, as the community blog post on the event explains:

Some may argue that the winter holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, but in Second Life, we know how to celebrate year-round. Halloween is easily among the most popular holidays amongst the SL community, and we are so ready to have some screaming good times as the Creepy Crawl is back in all its creepiest and crawliest glory. We are looking for venues to host us as we hop from spooky spot to spooky spot for some conversation, dancing, and fun. 

If you’d like to host a stop along the Creepy Crawl, own a spot that will be decked out for the holiday, and don’t mind if a parade of Residents and Lindens come through, then you might be just what the witch doctor ordered. We’re looking for spots that have entertainment (we like to dance around in our costumes!), are appropriate for general and moderate audiences, and can handle a crowd.

If the event is run along the same lines as previous years, selected venues will likely be visited for around 30 minutes at a time (although this is subject to confirmation), and people will be welcome to join the entire Creepy Crawl, or drop in and out of it as they wish.

Here’s how to submit your venue for consideration:

The Haunted Halloween Tour is back, see below

In addition, the Lab recently blogged about a month of events and activities running up to Halloween, highlights of which include:

  • The Halloween Swaginator Hunt: four exclusive Halloween decorations have been scattered across the Bellisseria continent – can you find them all? To get started, look for the special haunted edition of the Swaginator gift-giving station to grab your free HUD.
  • The Halloween Haunted Tour: has once again opened. Hop in a coffin and take a ride through the halls and rooms – and tunnels beneath – a haunted house. This year sees a number of Glytches have invaded the house as well, so if you are a Glytch hunter (see Of Glytches and gems: the Lab’s grid-wide Second Life game), make sure your Glytch capturing equipment tools are at the ready as you take the tour. The Haunted Tour can be reached via Portal Park 1 or Portal Park 2.
  • For Premium members who enjoy them, a Premium gift of Halloween decorations, available via the Premium Gift Collection kiosks.

So, get ready for Halloween.