SL16B: Meet the Lindens – a reminder

April Linden (Systems Engineering Manager, Operations) and Oz Linden (Senior Director, Second Life Engineering) two of this year’s participants in Meet the Lindens at SL16B. Credit: Linden Lab

Don’t forget that the week of Monday June 24th through Friday, June 28th marks this year’s Meet the Lindens sessions at SL16B.

Each day at 14:00 SLT will see one or more members of the Lab and their helpers sit down to discuss their work, Second Life, (and in one case, possibly Sansar as well), and answer questions.

As I’ve previously noted, all the events will take place in the SL16B Auditorium and will feature the following participants:

Day (14:00 – 15:00 SLT) Participants
Monday 24th June Patch Linden, Senior Director, Product Operations
Tuesday 25th June Oz Linden, Senior Director, Second Life Engineering and April Linden, Systems Engineering Manager, Operations
Wednesday 26th, June Ebbe Linden (Altberg), Linden Lab CEO
Thursday 27th June Xiola Linden, Lead Community Manager, and Strawberry Linden, Marketing Specialist
Friday 28th June Meet the Moles – the Linden Department of Public Works
Some of the Moles and Lindens of the Linden Department of Public Works

You can read some brief liner notes about the Lindens taking part (and the Moles!) on the official Second Life blog post reminding people of the events. In addition, I offered some brief introductions to the Lindens who will be appearing in my article SL16B: Meet the Lindens – when and who.

As I noted in that article, and as with past Meet the Linden events, I hope to record all of these sessions (or as many as I can), for a series of summary reports on the sessions, complete with audio extracts for those who may prefer to read about them, rather than watching the full video – although the latter will be appended to each summary.

2 thoughts on “SL16B: Meet the Lindens – a reminder

  1. SL16B is about the laggiest, slowest loading get-together I’ve ever experienced. While I’d like to meet the Lindens, waiting ten minutes while things load it a bit too much. I went to SL16B once, and decided not to go again. As usual, the sims are overbuilt and people are wearing their HUD’s because it tales too long for the darn things to rez. About the last good SLB’day I went to was SL14B which was only somewhat laggy and only in some sims. SL16B is laggy everywhere (as I found out the hard, slow, way). Why can’t there be some build limits instead of the current “Overdo Everything” mentality? Went there once, not again.


    1. Ironically, in terms of infrastructure builds, the SL16B designs – as I’ve noted in my preview – are more tightly controlled this year compared to the community-run events, which frequently utilised massive / extensive mesh designs with the potential for extensive texture usage that could impact the viewer heavily. I was at Patch’s MTLs segment, and outside of issues of region restarts and a couple of odd crashes on first arriving, experience zero issues. I’ll have a summary available of the event hopefully in the next 24 hours.


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