A farewell to Chouchou?

Chouchou, 2018

Update, October 1st: it has been announced Chouchou will remain in Second Life as part of the Second Life Region Preservation Society (SLRPS) – see Chouchou set to remain in Second Life – and there’s more for details).

Update, May 23rd: following an e-mail exchange on May 23rd, Second Life user Rikutojam from Japan, who managed to contact Juliet Herberle, one half of ChouChou, Rikutojam was able to confirm that it is the couple’s wish that the Chouchou region close in late June.

Reports that the ChouChou regions look set to close “soon” have been doing the rounds over the last 24 hours, together with hopes that Linden Lab might be able to step in and preserve the regions as a part of Second Life’s cultural heritage.

Designed by Japanese pianist Arabesque Choche and vocalist Juliet Heberle, who together form the successful musical duet of Chouchou, the regions are among some of the longest running, unchanged private island environments to be found in Second Life, and are an absolute delight for all who encounter them. I made my first visit in 2012 (see Chouchou: blending music and art in SL), and have been back many times since, being particularly drawn to the sky build of  Memento Mori (located on ChouChou V), a quite remarkable cathedral.

Chouchou: Memento Mori

A Collaborative build by Juliet in collaboration with Miya Grut, and with the support of Yuki Aabye, this is a build pre-dating mesh and is utterly stunning in the intricate beauty of its construction. It’s a place to go when one wants to contemplate thoughts and gain a measure of piece – and which marks ChouChou is a place worthy of preservation entirely on its own.

But it stands far from alone; from the timeless minimalist beauty of the waterlogged ground level, through to Memento Mori and passing by way of Islamey, another sky build, ChouChou is truly an artistic delight.

With its tea house built over water, and walks under cherry blossoms, Islamey was once the venue for concerts, and remains another place for quiet contemplation; somewhere you can come when you want to give free passage to thoughts and ideas, or when you simply want to let Chouchou’s music gently soothe you.

ChouChou: Islamey

As I noted in my last article on ChouChou prior to this one (see Return to Chouchou and a musical crossing of the divide, from 2018), the regions are quite transcendental in presentation and emotional response. Therefore, and if you have not visited it before or if you wish to renew your memories of these stunning regions lest they do vanish from Second Life, I would strongly suggest you visit them in the next few days.

In the meantime, and if I may, I’ll leave you with my own 2018 video of Memento Mori.

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7 thoughts on “A farewell to Chouchou?

  1. We have started to move and ask for the sim to be kept open by LL, I do not know if that would be possible, but it would really be something beautiful, it is sad that a place so special for many people, can disappear from SL



    I do not know if this could be helpful, but at least we have to try


    1. Hi,

      I’m not saying it will result in anything, but I have reached out to Linden Lab on the matter in my capacity as a “journalist”, and also pointed them towards the forum and Flickr campaigns (not that they may have needed any pointing) to enquire as to the potential for the regions to be preserved if they are indeed to otherwise vanish from SL.

      There is actually a programme in place for this to happen – but it is subject to many caveats, so no promises or guarantees can be made on the matter. Should I receive noteworthy feedback, I will either update this article, or post anew.

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  2. I compile a petition contributed to this forum and want to submit it to Linden.
    However, I do not yet understand an effective presentation method.
    (I sent an e-mail once, but there is not yet the answer.)
    Anyway, we want to collect the voices of many people 1st. 
    I want to borrow the wisdom of everybody for the continuation of ChouChou. :) rikutojam

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    1. Moves have already been taken following Patch’s post to contact both Chouchou and the account holder for the Chouchou estate (see my reply here https://community.secondlife.com/forums/topic/437291-we-want-chouchou-sim-in-sl/page/2/?tab=comments#comment-1904010, for example).

      The reason I didn’t link to Patch’s comment in any update is because some have taken it to mean Chouchou has *already* been saved & will thus remain in-world (I’ve had to drop a line to a couple of bloggers who posted along these lines, one of whom has since revised their post). Clearly, as Patch indicates, and as you’re careful to word here – the region *could* be added (alongside the likes of Svarga, SS Galaxy and Mont Saint Michel) *but* it requires an initial step to be taken by the estate account holder to set the wheels in motion by contacting LL on the matter.


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