A December’s Lost Dreams in Second Life

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams – click any image for full size

One of the first places we visited at the start of 2018 was Lost Dreams – then still called Les Reves Perdus (“Dreams Lost”), a homestead region held by Cathy Morfeas (zaziaa). Given that almost a year has passed since that visit – itself the third we’ve made to this region of changing delights, I felt the end of year would be a good time to drop in once more.

Cathy’s designs have always been eye-catching and evocative of different seasons and periods. In January, for example, it presented a strong oriental theme; prior to that, during a visit we made in November  2017, it carried a Viking look and feel, while at the time of our first visit, it presented a gentle, pastoral setting.

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams

There is something of this last setting that is reproduced in the current design, produced by Cathy with the assistance of Karmen (karmen Fullstop) and Xander (MatrixDav Mehrtens). It also contains wonderful touches of fantasy, together with a seasonal element that reminds us that the northern hemisphere is in the middle of the winter months. Spilt into three islands, the region presents plenty of opportunities for exploring, photography and for sitting and relaxing.

Visits start on one of the two smaller islands, which brings with it the first touch of fantasy: a church-like façade behind which sits a cave offering a hints of wizardry and magic (and which sits as a gacha resale point). A bridge links this island cave with the rugged main island, the west side of which is caught in winter; snow is falling steadily, dusting the beach to turn it white. A lone carousel turns slowly at the end of a makeshift pier, standing on wooden piles as well as being kept afloat by oil drums. Close by, an ice rink offers a further winter’s feel to the setting.

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams

The rink is backed by a curtain of water tumbling from the vertical spine of rock the twists north-to-south. the southern end of this spine forms the link to the bridge – a path curling down to the snowy sand, or upwards to the ridge of the spine itself, before dropping to the more summery east side of the region.

It is this side of the island where more of the fantasy elements can be found. A reproduction of Stonehenge sits to the north, while deer with tree-like antlers roam the grassland, together with more ordinary horses. Otters play along the narrow ribbon of a stream that rises from the foot of another waterfall. Another hint of fantasy lies with a broken elven arch linking the east and west sides of the region, a gap in the rock separating the two.

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams

A single building occupies the island. Reached via rough wooden steps rising from the beach, it sits as a cabin-like getaway, raised above the rest of the island and offering views out to sea, allowing a passing trawler to be observed. It’s a cosy place, set for Christmas and offering a place to sit and pass the time, either indoors or out in the wild garden beyond the front door.

It’s not the only place were visitors can sit – there’s a little shelter at the foot of the cliffs, built from the wreck of a car, a horseless sleigh nearby. There’s also the carousel and on the summer’s side of the land, a little camp site with fireplace and.  Meanwhile, the final island  – little more than low-lying grass and trees offers a further place to sit – and cuddle – thanks to the rowing boat moored alongside of it. However, it is unlikely to hold people’s attention.

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams

That is liable to be captured and held by the humpback whale circling slowly – but above the waters between the islands, a small, wild garden upon its back. What brings it here is anyone’s guess, but perhaps it is the magical stone circle sitting on the little island.

With sunlight dropping across the summer grasslands in the east, snow gently falling from the sky to the west, and bears and birds completing the island’s wildlife, Lost Dreams remains a bewitching place to visit and appreciate.

Lost Dreams; Inara Pey, December 2018, on Flickr
Lost Dreams

Should you enjoy the time you spend within the region, the bear seeking honey on the bridge would appreciate a tip to help with the region’s upkeep. There’s also a Flickr group for photographs, should visitors wish to share them.

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