Firestorm viewer seeks volunteers

Are you a little bit crazy? Have a slight taste for personal suffering? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to develop a personality tic? You might be perfect for our team!

– From the Firestorm blog post on volunteers

This is light-hearted start to a blog post by Firestorm’s Jessica Lyon that has a serious intent: a call for assistance from Firestorm users willing to give some of their time to help support both the Firestorm viewer and the Firestom team’s other activities in Second Life.

As the most popular Second Life viewer (and a viewer with a strong following in OpenSim), Firestorm actually requires a lot of upkeep; not just in maintaining and extending the code either by exposing debug features provided by Linden Lab or through the provision of dedicated code contributions, but also in ensuring the viewer is fit for purpose ahead of any release and in providing that same vast user community with ongoing support and assistance.

As such, Firestorm is looking for volunteers willing to join the following teams:

  • Firestorm Support: helping residents solve problems they may encounter with installing and using the Firestorm viewer through the in-world support groups and by filing support tickets on the Firestorm Jira (bug-reporting system).
  • Firestorm QA Team: helping to ensure each viewer release is as good as it can be, by finding and reporting bugs (part of which means accepting frequent crashes). But it also means getting to see, use and test new features before the rest of the user base.

You can read more about the roles through the blog, and the Support Team Application Form.

Firestorm are also looking for people to help with work at the seven regions of the Firestorm Community Gateway

In addition, Firestorm is looking for mentors to help assist new users at the Firestorm Community Gateway. The work is rich and diverse, including providing insight, advice, and direction, responding to questions of every possible variation on the viewer and Second Life, helping new residents learn about the viewer and interact with the virtual world, and more.

Those interested in the role are invited to visit the Social Club at the Firestorm Gateway in world, where a red box can be found, offering an application form, which should be posted back to the box when completed.

Find out more via the official Firestorm blog post.

2 thoughts on “Firestorm viewer seeks volunteers

  1. I’m actually on FS since a couple days. Can’t say it’s really voluntary, neither is it enjoyable. :/ Even their Phoenix flavour is a convoluted mess and not at all tasty and cool like Singularity.:(


    1. Horses for courses. I personally find the V1 UI clunky and limiting; whereas v5 (be it Firestorm, Catznip, Kokua, the official viewer) gives me far greater ability to select the options *I* use and want to see on the UI). When it comes to performance, I find Firestorm has improved, but still lags behind the likes of the official viewer and Catznip.

      Firestorm certainly has the most debug settings in the viewer exposed, and a fair few more contributed options. Both of these can be as much a curse as a blessing, as then can feel as if they are massively adding to the the viewer learning curve, but it still remains my viewer of choice for most activities in-world (I actually use the Hybrid UI, as I personally find that the cleanest and most flexible). That said, if Catznip (as my secondary viewer of choice) were to implement a resource for photographers that offers a similar comprehensive and easy to use approach to lighting and photography as seen in William Weaver’s PhotoTools that Firestorm adopted, I would likely shift to using it as my primary viewer, simply because it would then offer all I really need: rapid access to lighting / photography tools presented in an easy-to-navigate set of panels; really good inventory options; faster performance.


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