Sansar’s Creator Academy: Hall of Materials launches

Creator Academy: Hall of Materials

Linden Lab has launched its Creator Academy: Hall of Materials experience. It is intended to help creators explore and better understand the materials capabilities of Sansar, learn about the various shaders and physics materials using interactive kiosks, and how texture values interact and impact one another.

The hall comprises two sections; the first covers media surfaces, stereoscopic media, UV animation materials, emissive materials, standard materials, and metals. Overhead, spheres float as a physics demonstration. The second, rotunda-like section, provides insight into audio materials and materials layering.

Creator Academy: Hall of Materials

Kiosks provide overviews of specifics aspects of using mateirals, and some of these are are interactive. In the rotunda for example, walk across the different surface types (sand, water, ceramic, glass, carpet, etc) – to trigger the corresponding sound. With other, proximity might trigger a level of interaction.

However, it has to be said that some of the interactive elements appear to be more geared towards those in VR mode – as indicated in the introductory video. Some kiosks, for example, use panels of buttons which are currently largely inaccessible to those in Desktop mode. While this may well change as Desktop mode interactivity improves, it nevertheless limits the effectiveness of Hall of Materials as learning experience right now.

Creator Academy: Hall of Materials

Also, while I favour tutorials, it has to be said that Sansar’s very nature perhaps limits the effectiveness of experiences like this. Unless you tweak the client or have multiple accounts, you can’t visit the experience and simultaneously try things out directly for yourself in Sansar’s Edit mode, and fix concepts in your head by doing so. As such, I did wonder if the effort in building the experience might not have been better served in producing a series of short videos on the subject matter, perhaps in the manner of Torley’s famous SL TuTORials.

Given these points, Hall of Materials should perhaps be viewed as an experiment in teaching / learning more than anything else, and it’ll be interesting to see where the concept goes and how it develops. In the meantime, I’ll leave you with the introductory video, which provides a basic overview of the experience, in its own somewhat “novel” approach.

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3 thoughts on “Sansar’s Creator Academy: Hall of Materials launches

  1. Thank you. I have been looking forward to reading your thoughts on this experience.

    I visited because I am having trouble getting youtube media to play at one of my experiences, so visited to learn more. Due to my disabilities, I am unable to use a VR headset, so I use the desktop version. Between the tiny size of the print and, ironically, object materials that create too much glare and not enough contrast, I was completely unable to read any of the information in the experience. It’s also good to know that there is some interactivity that I’m missing. It is too bad. There seems to be some valuable information in the experience.

    I did, however, have a fangirl experience while there and saw your avi. XD


    1. Lisa,

      Thanks for the feedback – it would be worthwhile presenting it to the Lab directly via a bug report at the Sansar website as well, if you’ve not done so already :). sorry for not saying “hi” at the experience; I tend to stand still and free cam around and don’t always note the avatars around me!

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      1. Lol I’m the same way. Hehe No worry. ♥️ I didn’t want to bother you, so it was a silent fangirl moment. Lol

        I did not think of sumitting a ticket. I will do that thank you! ♥️


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