SL project updates week 36/1: server, viewer

Savor Serenity; Inara Pey, August 2017, on FlickrSavor Serenityblog post

Server Deployments Week 36

Please refer to the deployment notice for the week for latest updates and news.

SL Viewer

  • On Tuesday, September 5th, the Alex Ivy 64-bit RC viewer updated to version
  • On Friday, September 1st, the Voice RC viewer updated to version
  • On Thursday, August 31st, a new version of the Maintenance RC viewer was released, version, replacing the earlier version, pulled shortly after release due to BUG-134213, [Maint: Moonshine] breaks clickable functionality for certain HUDs.

The rest of the viewer release pipelines remain unchanged from the end of week #35:

  • Current Release version, dated August 9, promoted August 23 – formerly the Maintenance RC
  • Project viewers:
  • Obsolete platform viewer version, dated May 8, 2015 – provided for users on Windows XP and OS X versions below 10.7.

Feature Request

The Lab  welcomes well thought-out and present feature request via the Second Life JIRA. Not every feature request is accepted – which is not the same as saying they aren’t looked at / considered. Commenting on how and when requests are taken up, coming out os a conversation about script functions, Simon Linden had this to say:

We have a long list of “it would be nice to do” script features. We don’t make final decisions on anything until we get to the point where we’d actually work on them. There’s always a tough choice which one is the best thing to spend limited time on.

When we look at features, we have to juggle how hard it might be to implement, if it’s going to affect a narrow or broad set of customers, if it’s really a new thing or something you might already be able to do (most often with scripting features), potential for lag, griefing or privacy problems, how much would break, etc.