The MadPea International Food Fair in Second Life

Logo via MadPea
Logo via MadPea

Now open through until Saturday, March 4th, 2017 is the MadPea International Food Fair, in aid of Live and Learn Kenya (LLK) / Feed a Smile. Featuring shopping, music via live performances and DJ and an art exhibition, the Food Fair has a very worthwhile cause in mind: to raise  L$9,879,000 (US $37,000) to fund the construction of a kitchen for impoverished school children in the Rhonda Slums of Nakuru, Kenya.

Creators and designers participating in the event include The Cube Republic, Little Llama, Vagabond, Riot, Plastik, Supernatural, Speakeasy Tattoo, Velvet Whip, Refuge, Serenity Style, Razor, RandoMatter, PFC, Nox, Nomad, NOeditON, Ninety, Minimal Jewellery, Mesh India, Lushish Poses, Kargo, Imeka, ITI, Lucas Lameth, Goose, Junk Food, Mello, Merak, Studio, Fiasco, Krescendo, Fetch, La Baguette, Entice, Duvet Day, Eve, Cutie Cakes, Etnia, Cwitch, Disorderly, Cubic Cherry, Chez Moi, Cheeky Pea, Black Bantam, Big Bully, Balaclava, Apple Fall, Atooly-Rockaroo-Gossip, Bellequipe Design, Identity, Adored, Drot, Senses, 1313 Mockingbird Lane and Vengeful threads.

Each designer has made an exclusive item for the Food Fair (single item or a whole gacha set)  There will be decor to clothing, poses to accessories and plenty of food!  The sky is the limit but everything is for the same amazing cause.

MadPea International Food Fair
MadPea International Food Fair

You can see the entertainment line-up on the MadPea International Food Fair web page, together with a running total of funds raised (also shown in-world at the event).

If you would prefer to give money directly to Live And Learn Kenya / Feed A Smile, yo can do so via the following links:

MadPea International Food Fair
MadPea International Food Fair

About the Project

For many children living in slums their future is desolate with illiteracy, AIDS, child prostitution, child brides, starvation and worse awaiting them.  But you can help change that. Feed a Smile is part of the Live and Learn in Kenya charity that aim to break the cycle of poverty that plagues the slums by giving a brighter future for the children that live there.  Not only do they provide education, but the clothing and supplies needed to learn, healthcare, food and just as important, safety.

Live and Learn in Kenya (LLK) are able to make a difference thanks to the donations that fund-raising can bring them, especially through Second Life.  Our virtual world can make a big difference to the real world of these children and their families too. Did you know, for example, that over a third of the money raised by Live and Learn Kenya to provide daily nutritious warm lunches for over 400 children comes from donations received through Feed a Smile in Second Life?

Recently, Live and Learn’s temporary, out-door kitchen was wrecked by bad weather and is no longer fit for purpose.  The new kitchen will provide the means for LLK to continue to prepare nutritious meals in a hygienic in-door environment, safe from the rigours of the weather and complete with proper food storage facilities. It’s a vital part of LLK’s continuing commitment to helping the children they support.

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  1. I really like Cube Republic’s watermelons at the fair… I’ve installed them in my park. They provide an excellent new microzone along the paths.



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