Baroque Dreams in Second Life

Baroque Dreams
Baroque Dreams

The Edge, the fashion division of Kultivate Magazine, is celebrating it’s one year anniversary between November 11th to 30th, As a part of the celebrations, Haveit Neox has been commissioned to design and build a special, one-of-a-kind artistic runway, bringing together art and fashion.

Entitled Baroque Dreams, the installation serves a dual role, both as an art installation, which will formally open at 16:00 SLT on Sunday, November 13th, with a live performance by Dimivan Ludwig, and as the setting for a special The Edge anniversary fashion show featuring the designs of Lyrical Bizarre, which will take place between 14:00 and 15:00 SLT on Sunday, November 13th. Thereafter, the installation will remain open to visitors for a period of a week.

Baroque Dreams
Baroque Dreams

Baroque Dreams takes visitors to one of the fashion capitals of Italy and the world: Venice. On arriving, visitors walk between two tall figures and into what might be a portion of the Grand Canal; gondolas lay moored on the water, and buildings rise on three sides. A set of stepping-stones mark the way to where the runway rises from the water, arched like a canal bridge before it splits and loops  around audience seating. From there it climbs towards a set of fountains – another Venetian landmark, to where a huge Fashion Queen rises as if toy oversea proceedings, her headgear and dress suggestive of St. Marks Basilica.

Within this are many of Haveit’s hallmarks: a rich use of colour, sculpted centaurs, proud ships – also indicative of Venice’s history as a centre of commerce and seaborne trade. While around everything, the tall buildings of Venice rise.

Baroque Dreams
Baroque Dreams

Compact and yet with a grand sense of scale, Baroque Dreams is a unique installation, ideally suited to embodying The Edge’s aim to bring together art and fashion. Congratulations to all Eles, John and all at The Edge on this first anniversary.

SLurl Details

Baroque Dreams (Water Haven, rated: Moderate)


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