Beautiful Bizarre: art and emotions in Second Life

Beautiful Bizarre - DaphneArts
DaphneArts: Beautiful Bizarre

Opening on Sunday, July 10th at 12:00 noon SLT, is Beautiful Bizarre, the latest ensemble challenge presented by Angelika Corral and SheldonBR at their DaphneArts Gallery. The exhibition features individual works by Gwenarielle, Maghda, Terrygold, Angelika Corral, SheldonBR, Leeleu Lemondrop, Paradox Messmer, Rainbow Mubble, Sabbian Paine, Loki Silverson and Asa Vordun, with Theda Tammas providing both a 2D and 3D piece for the exhibition.

“Art is an expression of our emotions, the way we see and experience the world, and beauty has been depicted as an artistic value.” Angelika and Sheldon note in their introduction to the exhibition. “In the Renaissance, artists developed theories of ideal proportion and harmony, having and the painting of Venus, portrayed by Botticelli, and the sculpture of David, by Michelangelo, as the idealisation of beauty. “Modern art came to bring another perception of a world devastated by two great wars, and it reflects in the asymmetry of bodies and distorted faces. But there is always a place for beauty, even in the bizarre things. Schiele, Picasso, Matisse, the Surrealists, all are great example of this.”

Beautiful Bizarre - DaphneArts
DaphneArts: Beautiful Bizarre

And so it is that the artists here have been invited to present their interpretations of the “beautiful bizarre”; and the result is a highly eclectic mixture of pieces; far more eclectic, I would suggest, than exhibitions such as  Surrealism and Imagine. Which should be taken to indicate anything negative in my view of the Beautiful Bizarre. Art is, after all, an expression of our emotions, as Angelika and Sheldon note, and thus encouraging a subjective, an emotional response to these works is perhaps as much a part of the exhibition as the artists’ own interpretations of the “beautiful bizarre”.

So it might be said that this exhibition operates on two levels. On the first, we are asked to explore how the artists have presented their interpretations of the subject; while and on the second, we are asked to consider our response to each of the pieces offered in the exhibit.

Beautiful Bizarre - DaphneArts
DaphneArts: Beautiful Bizarre

For my part, I was struck by how broad in scope  the pieces are in presenting the theme, whilst at the same time several also appear linked to other another through their underpinning inspiration. This is perhaps most noticeable in the pieces presented by Gwenarielle, Rainbow,, Sabbian and Terrygold; so much so, that I doubt it is by chance that the pieces by three of these artists are all presented in a single room within the gallery.

Elsewhere, reflections of a common point of inspiration might also be glimpsed in both Asa’s piece and the 2D work presented by Theda.  I’ll also confess that the latter piece (seen in the 2nd image from the top of this review), together with Theda’s 3D piece and  Paradox Messmer’s Eyes Unseen (seen in the image directly above), drew the strongest emotional responses from me.

Beautiful Bizarre - DaphneArts
DaphneArts: Beautiful Bizarre

Beautiful Bizarre is another extraordinary exhibition featuring some of SL’s most extraordinary talents; one I have no hesitation I recommending. As noted at the top of this piece, it officially opens at 12:00 noon SLT on Sunday, July 10th, 2016, and will remain open through July and early August.

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