A picnic in the Park Second Life

Holly Kai Park: the old watch tower
Holly Kai Park: the old watch tower

Much of my time in-world over the last week has been taken with the Holly Kai Park remodelling, some of which I’ve previously blogged about. Since then, Caitinara Bar has swung back into action with our weekly DJ sessions on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and the work of quietly swapping out high render cost trees and shrubs with more modest alternatives has been continuing.

We’ve also been carrying out further refinements to the woodland paths through the park, re-working the west side beach a little following the move of Caitinara Bar, and continuing to generally tweak and refine, without disrupting the main art exhibition area on the art hill – although this has been quietly extended whilst no-one was looking 🙂 .

Holly Kai: the new pools, looking towards the tower ruins
Holly Kai Park: the new pool, complete with koi, looking towards the tower ruins

In particular, the latter part of the week has focused on creating a new part of the park sitting between the west side beach and the curve of the river. This used to be the home of a series of hump-backed hills which, while they broke up the land quite well, tended to be too much of an abrupt break in the landscape.

To change this, the hills have been lowered to form river banks, and the space they occupied has been turned into a picnic area with a new pool of water fed by a little set of waterfalls, and an old ruined watch tower. The pool offers several places to sit and to snuggle, while up on the banks behind it, there’s another little sitting area, and there’s also a picnic blanket and basket in the shade of the tower.

Holly Kai Park: picnic area
Holly Kai Park: picnic area

Aside from some nips and tucks here and there, and a re-working at to the op of the art hill, which we’ll complete once the current exhibition has run its course, this should be the park pretty much in its new look.

I would like to offer love and thanks to Caitlyn for being so patient while all this has been going on, and for coming up with some excellent ideas that would otherwise have been missed. Also, very warm thanks to Alex Bader, who has been a marvellously supportive and generous friend.

Holly Kai Park: pool and waterfall
Holly Kai Park: pool and waterfall

Please feel free to visit Holly Kai Park any time, and keep an eye on the Holly Kai blog for news on events and activities at the park.

Holly Kai Park Revised SLurls

Holly Kai Park is rated Moderate.


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