The hidden paths of Osprey Ridge in Second Life

Osprey Ridge; Inara Pey, April 2016, on Flickr Osprey Ridge – click any image for full size

Osprey Ridge is a homestead region within the United Sailing Sims located eastward of Blake Sea and a place we’ve often passed when our sailing or boating. Open to the public, the region has been landscaped by Markarius Viper and is cared for by Flo (SweetFloXO) and presents a pleasing environment in which to spend time.

The best place to start a visit is at the moorings on the north side of the island, sheltered from the passage linking Blake Sea with Second Norway by a natural grassy breakwater. From here, visitors can walk eastwards along the moorings and the beach to come to a cosy summer gazebo sitting alongside a reedy pond, or head inland along a wooded track which winds its way to a sturdy and comfortable log cabin.

Osprey Ridge; Inara Pey, April 2016, on Flickr Osprey Ridge

The cabin sits nestled between tall columns and plateaus rising to the south and west of it, topped by tables of grass from which tress grow. Of these more anon; for now however, take the path onwards around the front of the cabin, and it will turn southwards and lead you between more trees and under the shadow of a another mesa on the east side of the region bore your arrive at the southern shore, a deck overlooking the open waters, with another ribbon of beach pointing westwards.

If you prefer, there is a track on the west side of the cabin, just within the tree line, which leads the way to the waters at the foot of the rocky cliffs, which are in turn spanned by a bridge made from the trunk of an old, fallen tree. From here it is possible to pass between the tall mesas on either side to reach the south-western corner of the island, or scramble over the rocks and into the cavern beneath the west side plateau.

Osprey Ridge; Inara Pey, April 2016, on Flickr Osprey Ridge

The cavern is a place of peace, watched over by a fae waystone which, for those running with ALM enabled, casts patterns of light across the surrounding rock faces and over the pool of water in which it sits. A narrow opening on the north side of the carven provides a short-cut back to the moorings, which eagle-eyed visitors may have spotted as they followed the rack down towards the cabin from the north side of the island.

The broad, grassy tops of the plateaus are home to a tree house, a camp site, Greedy, Greedy and a romantic cuddle swing. A wooden bridge connects the two plateaus, but how to get up to them without flying or double-click teleporting actually defeated Caitlyn and I (we eventually went the double-click TP route).

Osprey Ridge; Inara Pey, April 2016, on Flickr Osprey Ridge

The region could perhaps benefit from having the moorings on the north side parcelled-off so that auto-return could be set to say, 60 minutes, to allow those arriving by boat to come ashore and explore without fear of their vessel poofing to Lost and Found as soon as they do so, but this is a minor point. Osprey Ridge offers a pleasing visit to those passing or who are looking for photogenic spots within Second Life, with plenty of places up high and at ground level for simply sitting and enjoying the environment or having an intimate cuddle (including a bed suspended from the trees in the woods!).

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