SL project updates 16 16/2: TPV Developer meeting

The golden Delta, Fantasy Faire 2016
The Golden Delta, Fantasy Faire 2016

The following notes are primarily taken from the  TPV Developer (TPVD) meeting held on Friday, April 22nd, 2016. A video of the meeting is embedded at the end of this report, my thanks as always to North for supplying it, and time stamps in the text relate to this recording.

Server Deployments – Recap

There are no scheduled deployments for week #16. The next deployment should be to the RC channels in week #17 (week commencing Monday, April 25th). This is liable to include at least one fix to help prevent simulator crashes.

SL Viewer

[0:40] There have been no further updates since my part #1 report.

  • The Maintenance RC viewer is progressing well, with no backwards compatibility issues
  • The Quick Graphics viewer now has “almost all” of the pending changes made to it. with Oz noting:
    • There is still a shiny rendering issues with muted avatars which has yet to be resolved
    • The account properties for materials have yet to be added. Testing for this in terms of the cost multiplier, etc., is in progress
    • However, the viewer could ship with these “as is” and then have them incorporated later
    • A further RC build is in progress and is expected to be made available in week #17
    • The favoured unofficial term for muted avatars at the Lab at the moment is “rainbow people”
    • It is hoped that this viewer will go to release status in “significantly less” than a month
  • A further update to the Bento project viewer is anticipated ahead of the project moving to the main grid, after which the viewer will progress through project to release candidate to de facto release over time
    • Work continues to try to resolve or improve some pre-existing issues with animation handling, etc., all of which may or may not be completed as a part of the Bento project
    • There is no definitive time frame as to when the project will move to the main grid, although the aim remains for this to occur in Q2 2016
    • See my weekly Bento updates for more information
  • The Oculus Rift viewer is reaching a point where it “almost” works
    • It now works with the latest SDK
    • Very precise graphics settings are required, and it is likely that it will be updated and issued with a notice it will only work decently with these graphics settings
    • There are still some UI issues to be dealt with
    • The Lab will be watching usage stats for this viewer closely once available
  • [14:22]  64-bit viewers: The Lab has been testing 32-bit builds against their updated libraries, which are now in a position to support 64-bit builds
  • [15:22] A contributed fix for issues around modifier keys on the Mac viewer has passed LL’s QA, and should be in the next Maintenance RC viewer to be released

Apple QuickTime

[10:52] As I recently noted, Apple have deprecated support for QuickTime on Windows, leaving some critical vulnerabilities unpatched, leading to advisories that windows users uninstall the package from their systems.

As the QuickTime SDK has tended to be a part of the viewer build process, there has been an ongoing discussion within the opensource-dev mailing list as to how to replace it. Currently, the Lab is testing what happens if the QuickTime plug-ins are completely removed from the viewer, and trying to handle media which used to be handled by the plug-ins directly by CEF. However, it is unlikely that a version of the viewer without QuickTime will be appearing in the immediate future.

Teleport Web Widget

[13:25] As noted in my last TPD update, there is a new web widget to handle SLurls and map URLs into Second Life from the web. The should be making an appearance soon via the wiki, and in things like the Destination Guide. There will hopefully be a blog post outlining the widget and how to use it appearing as well in due course.

The SL Viewer and RLV

[27:22] The RLV (restrained love viewer) extensions for the viewer have a mixed reputation. Initially conceived to help make certain adult activities more life-like, they have also been shown to have a range of much broader applications (e.g. enabling  “portal” like teleporting of avatars, controlling camera movement, etc).

Some of these types of capabilities have been mirrored through the introduction of Experiences. While the Lab has no intention of adopting RLV or RLV/a “as is” or in a manner that’s compatible with the existing RLV API, they are considering possibly folding some more RLV-style functionality into the Experience set of capabilities as a longer-term project.