SL13B: sharing the adventure in Second Life

via SL13B website
via SL13B website

The dates have been set for this year’s Second Life anniversary celebrations.

SL13B will kick-off at noon SLT on Sunday, June 19th, and run for a full week of celebrations, entertainment and activities, through until Sunday, June 26th, 2016 inclusive. The theme for 2013 is The Shared Adventure.

The blog post announcing event reads in part:

Second Life has been home to countless virtual adventures, and continues to break new ground. Each of us shares in the adventure, as our creations are enjoyed by avatars from far and wide.

What does adventure stir in you? Is it an endless vista of unexplored jungles and ocean depths, a space opera, or even intrigue in dimly lit alleyways. What dangers are afoot, and how will you and your cohorts seek to overcome them?

L12B Community Celebration; Inara Pey, June 2015, on FlickrSL12B Welcome area by Walton F. Wainwright (Faust Steamer), June 2015 (Flickr)

The key dates for the celebration themselves are:

  • Saturday, June 18th: Press Day
  • Sunday, June 19th, noon SLT: Opening Day
  • Thursday June 23rd: The Birthday
  • Sunday, June 26th: end of entertainments and performances
  • Monday, June 27th through Sunday, July 3rd: Sims open for viewing, no performances

In keeping with the shared experience theme,  and in a departure from previous SL13B events, the organisers are inviting Second Life creators and builders to apply for the chance to design and build one of the celebration’s entertainments stages or public areas.

In all there are six public areas people can apply to develop. They are, in brief:

  • The Cake Stage: the centrepiece of the celebration, spanning a square of four regions with a total available LI of 32,000 (8,000 per region, with the stage expected to straddle the corners of all 4 regions). The cake can be constructed in whole or in parts from prims, mesh or sculpts, with mesh preferred.
  • The Live Stage: for singers and “live” entertainments and set within a single region with a 10,000 LI allowance. The stage needs to be suitable for solo acts as well as moderate ‘band’ sized acts, with the successful applicant responsible for developing the entire region.
  • DJ Stage:  straddling two regions with a total LI of 10,000, this stage is for DJ and other pre-recorded acts. The successful applicant is responsible for the decoration of both regions.
  • Stage Right: again straddling two regions and with a 5,000 LI allowance, this stage will be used for a mixture of DJ and live entertainment, with the successful applicant once more responsible for developing both regions.
  •  Auditorium: straddling two regions and covering approximately half of each, and with a LI allowance of 2,500 per region, the auditorium will be used mainly for presentations, talks, workshops and classes. It should be split into a minimum of two sections, with one part of it should be capable of seating up to 70 avatars
  • The Welcome Area: Taking up a full region and with a LI allowance of 8,000 and a total ground area of 57,600 square metres, the Welcome Area is the point at which the majority of visitors will arrive at the celebration regions.

Again, please note that the above descriptions offer a brief outline of the build requirements for each area, all of which have very specific requirements which must be considered when applying. for full details on these, please refer to the SL13B Infrastructure Build Requirements.

If you are interested in applying to design and build any of these areas, please email either or or contact them in-world.

L12B Community Celebration; Inara Pey, June 2015, on FlickrSL12B auditorium by Anthony (ADudeNamed Anthony), June 2015 (Flickr)

General applications from builders, exhibitors, performers and presenters will be announced in due course, as will a call for volunteer helpers and greeters and the opportunity for bloggers to apply for early access on the Press Day.

Keep up-to-date with all things SL13B through the SL Community Celebration Website.

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