SL project updates 16 11/1: server / viewer

Suomi - Finland; Inara Pey, March 2016, on FlickrSuomi – Finlandblog post

Server Deployments

There is no planned Main (SLS) channel deployment / restart planned for the week. On Wednesday, March 16th, the three RC channels should be updated with an improved server maintenance project comprising script fixes and internal improvements.

The lack of recent deployments remains down to ongoing infrastructure updates occurring across the Lab’s simulator servers.

SL Viewer

It is anticipated that an RC viewer – mostly likely either the current Maintenance RC or the HTTP / Vivox RC will be promoted to the de facto viewer this week. However, at the time of writing, the list of official viewers still stood at:

  • Current Release version:, dated January 15th – formerly the Maintenance RC viewer
  • Release channel cohorts:
    • Quick Graphics RC viewer, version, dated March 11th
    • Maintenance RC viewer, version, dated March 10th
    • HTTP updates and Vivox RC viewer, version, dated March 9th
  • Project viewers:
  • Obsolete platforms viewer, version, dated May 8, 2015