Windlight moves location in Second Life

Windlight Gallery in its new home
Windlight Gallery in its new home

Windlight Magazine and Art Gallery has relocated in-world. Now located in its own region, the gallery remains the centrepiece of Windlight Magazine in-world activities and the home to the Windlight Art Fellowship Programme.

As well as the gallery, the region is home to the Ristorante Ivanna, Chromatic Gallery, featuring the art of Windlight founder and owner, Johannes1977 Resident, office space for magazine staff, and the Tribute and Crown pub, which is conveniently located a short walk from the offices (hey! writing for a magazine is thirsty work, OK?!).

Ristorante Ivanna
Ristorante Ivanna

The region has yet to formally open, but work is progressing apace, with the gallery almost completely set-up, and members of the Windlight Staff gradually moving into the new office accommodation.

As the gallery now occupies its own region, there are a limited number of rental units which will be made available as the region opens. These will be available at L$200 per week, with a 100 LI allowance, and are placed in a prime spot facing the gallery building. Artists wishing to have a studio shop will get initial preference on the units when rentals open.

The Tribute and Crown pub - handy for after office hours - with the boathouse through the trees, where visitors can enjoy 7 seas fishing and other pastimes
The Tribute and Crown pub – handy for after office hours – with the boathouse through the trees, where visitors can enjoy 7 seas fishing and other pastimes

“We’ve decided to make the move so we can house larger art shows,” John told me as we discussed the relocation. “It also means we can support 3D projects as well.” Having a full region certainly gives an added sense of space to the Windlight facilities, and as a member of the staff, I have to admit the new staff offices causes me to get a little creative in setting out my workspace 🙂 .

So, if you have a landmark for the Windlight Gallery, do be sure to hop over to the new location and update it; and while you’re there, why not have a wander around?

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5 thoughts on “Windlight moves location in Second Life

  1. Oh, good. They’ll have a lot more prims available to display their Avi Awards. (j/k)

    Seriously, I liked the simplified yet elegant design of the original gallery, and look forward to seeing the larger environment in that style.



  2. I just returned to SL after a long absence and I’m feeling the technological curve. When I read the title of your blog post I groaned, wondering what they did NOW, to the viewer, to photography to… If you can trudge dejectedly on the Internet, that’s what I did here. 🙂 Oh good! It is something else entirely and this looks like a great place to visit (when I get a new computer that can appreciate it…soon, soon.)


    1. I really should remember to add “Magazine” or “gallery” to the titles of pieces like this. I’ll double-check in future :). And welcome back!

      Liked by 1 person

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