Nine years in Second Life

2015 saw me invited to build a full sim installation at the LEA in which to display my SL images. I opted to recreate my interpretation of Fallingwater, the famous Kaufmann residence, now under the care and ownership of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy
2015 saw me invited to build a full sim installation at the LEA in which to display my SL images. I opted to recreate my interpretation of Fallingwater, the famous Kaufmann residence, now under the care and ownership of the Western Pennsylvania Conservancy

On December 5th, 2015, I reached my ninth anniversary of continuous activity in Second Life. That’s 3,287 days.  On my eighth anniversary, I was able to note a lot of significant events having occurred between it and my 7th. This year things have been a little quieter of late, although the first half of the year saw a lot going on SL-wise, which kept me busy with the blog. We’ve also seen more news emerge about the Lab’s new virtual spaces / worlds / experiences platform, including its code-name. The latter has led to understandable doubt, uncertainty and concern for many, although some of the accompanying levels of vitriol and accusations have been a tad OTT.

My own rate of blogging has also slowed somewhat when I compare 2015 with 2014. There are a fair few reasons for this, both outside and inside of my virtual worlds time. Even so, I’ve tried to keep abreast of all that’s been going on, particularly within Second Life, and I’d again like to thank everyone who takes the time to come here and read the articles, reports and reviews.

I'm honoured to be a part of the Windlight Magazine team
I’m honoured to be a part of the Windlight Magazine team

The year has seen me become more deeply immersed in virtual world art. Most notably, I was invited to become an contributing writer for Windlight Magazine, and I’ve been asked to show my SL images in a number of art events, including developing a full sim installation at the LEA.

The latter was exceptionally daunting, given it was something well outside my comfort zone; I don’t for a minute consider myself an artist or creator in any capacity. But it was also fun – and more to the point, allowed me to bring the work of CioTToLiNa Xue, through her beautiful mesh sculptures and her art, more fully into the public eye. She has tremendous talent, and I genuinely hope more galleries will seek her out.

I’ve also recently taken up the post (and challenge!) of curating art at Holly Kai Park. Again, I’m not familiar with running art exhibition spaces, so there has been a rapid learning curve for me, coupled with putting together a supporting website, as well as the need to gently re-work elements of the park and build a new venue. All of this has been keeping me fairly busy of late!

Of course, I’ve kept up with flying and boating in SL. I’ve become particularly attached to my little AD25H Little Bee tender-style speedboat, developed by Ape Piaggio, and which I personally feel is the best SL boat in its class. I’ve also become a firm fan of DSA aircraft, with three either in my inventory or moored at home. The ability to swap these ‘planes between conventional wheels and floats makes them ideal for island living.  VetronUK also does some superb materials paint kits and script options which really bring DSA aircraft to life.

I'm still having a lot of fun flying, sailing, and boating around Second Life -with the DSA G58 Baron being my latest aeroplane acquisition!
I’m still having a lot of fun flying, sailing, and boating around Second Life, with the DSA G58 Baron being my latest aeroplane acquisition!

But it is the area of friendships and relationships where 2015 has been most rewarding. I’ve met a host of people through the year, and while it is somewhat unfair to single out just one or two, I can’t write about 2015 without mentioning John, who not only offered me the opportunity to write for Windlight Magazine, but who has also been hugely encouraging and supportive through the year, and is himself a powerhouse of talent and generosity. He and his partner Emma have brought together some remarkable talent through both Windlight Magazine and Team Diabetes of SL, and I’m honoured to be a small part of things, and greatly appreciative of their friendship.

Most of all, however, I cannot let this article pass without mention of Caitlyn. The past few months have been a whirlwind of  renewed pleasure in my time in-world, and an opportunity to share time in so many special ways, be it exploring together, re-working the island and house together, loitering in galleries together or simply spending the time sitting and chatting together. I’m not sure quite when I’ve smiled so much; thank you, Caitlyn.

Looking forward to 2016!
Looking forward to 2016!

29 thoughts on “Nine years in Second Life

  1. Many congratulations to you Inara..for your all of your achievements – but most of all that you have found someone to share your SL with. I wish you both much happiness.

    I would also like to present you with the *2015 Bite-my-Tongue-and Count-to-Ten Award* ….well done! 🙂


    1. **HUGS**

      Thank you, Boudicca – you and Anthony are always welcome at the island, as you know, and I’ll definitely be introducing Caitlyn to Hestium.


  2. I Hope your Rezz day and the coming year bring you lots of fun, pleasure, growth, love & excitement! I Love your blog it is my go to place for staying updated on LL news, places to visit and new Artists to experience. Thank you Inara!


  3. Happy Rez Day, Inara! While I’m more into sailing, I agree with you about AD25H LittleBee, and it is so fun with all the options and the parasail and wakeboard. As for airplanes, I share my findings, if you like: ZSK PA-38 is the most fun I got to fly in mouselook, and it looks great too, but it isn’t amphibian and it may seem slow. The new Bird Dwag in Vetron store has an amphibian version instead and it comes with a realistic flight engine as well. I don’t have it yet, but a friend let me try it. They require more skill than DSA planes though.
    You may have slowed down, but your articles are still the best! 😀


    1. Thank you, Pixel!

      I’ve heard a lot about the Bird Dawg, and know the creator through friends – like Vetron 🙂 – so I am definitely going to have to look it up! Glad you like the AD25H Little Bee as well 🙂 .


  4. Happy Rezz Day to a most wise, talented, and creative person! I am honored to have Inara as part of the Windlight Family and most importantly as a friend! I have learned so much about SL from your site throughout the years and you have been an inspiration and provided excellent advice to me. Enjoy your 9th year in Second Life!


    1. Thank you John!

      I can honestly say I’ve learnt a lot the last 12 months from you. Your encouragement has been marvellous and your commitment to Second Life genuinely inspirational. Looking forward to working with you and Emma (and kicking back with you both) through 2016!

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Happy Rezzday, Inara!
    I enjoy reading your blog very much. In paticutlar your reports about sims brought me to lovely places throughout the year. Keep up the great work, please. And of Course, take alos time to enjoy this world yourself.
    xoxoxox Diomita Maurer


  6. Happy Rezday Inara! Your blog is the one I read most often. And asothers have said, I’ve found so many beautiful areas to explore by reading here! Amd I’m right behind you in age! I’ll have my 9 years in on Jan 19th.


  7. Inara, I’ve enjoyed learning about Second Life through your eyes over the years. I’ve discovered some really amazing things because you took the time to share. I’m really happy to hear that your relationships are blossoming. Happy Rezday and here’s to many more!


    1. Thank you so much, Torley! 🙂

      This genuinely and deeply means a lot to me, coming from someone who has had such an impact on my Second Life, through your infectious enthusiasm and love for the platform, by your amplifying the awesome in your TuTORial videos and you tips and tricks, and through your music as well. You’ve genuinely and comprehensively enriched so many people’s lives through your involvement in Second Life, that I’m totally and deeply flattered that I’ve had a small impact on your own times here. Thank you again ♥


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