Lab Chat #1: Ebbe Altberg – transcript and audio

Lab Chat LogoThursday, November 19th saw the launch of what is hoped will become a new series of monthly discussions. Lab Chat is billed as “an opportunity for you to ask Lindens your questions during a live taping that will be recorded and archived for everyone to view.”

The first show featured the Lab’s CEO, Ebbe Altberg in his alter ego of Ebbe Linden. In preparation for the recording, Second Life users were invited to ask questions about the Lab, Second Life, “Project Sansar”, etc on a forum thread.

Over 40 questions were asked, and members of the production crew selected seven questions they thought would be of most interest to the attending audience, to be asked during the show, whist also leaving time for further questions from the audience itself.  Discussions are under way with the Lab to try to ensure those questions from the forum thread which weren’t asked as a part of the recording do get addressed in some manner.

The following pages present a transcript of Ebbe Altberg’s replies to both the seven core questions selected by the Lab Chat team, together with any additional follow-ups or observations from show hosts Saffia Widdershins (SW) and Jo Yardley (JY), and the answers given to those questions raised during the open Q&A session.

Note that this is not a full transcript of the entire recording, the focus is very much on the answers given to questions and any relevant comments. For ease of reference, the transcript is split into three parts, each with its own navigation and links, and links to all of the questions:

  • Those questions and answers those related to Second Life
  • Those focused more on Project Sansar
  • The general Q&A session.

Each question / answer includes an audio extract of that question and answer for those who wish to listen rather than read, or in addition to reading, the transcript text.

The Quick Links section below will take you directly to each of these three sections, or to any of the individual discussion points within them.

Those wishing to watch the official video, can see the three parts here, here, and here.

Quick Links

Right-to-left: Saffia Widdershin, Ebbe Linden and Jo Yardley during the first Lab Chat recording
Right-to-left: Saffia Widdershins, Ebbe Linden and Jo Yardley during the first Lab Chat recording

5 thoughts on “Lab Chat #1: Ebbe Altberg – transcript and audio

  1. Reblogged this on The Bergdorf Reports and commented:
    I’m reblogging here this excellent post by Inara Pey about the first Lab Chat session in Second Life. I attempted to attend this event myself, but after three crashes (I was just sitting and crashed), I gave up. Thanks, Inara, for this post! 🙂


  2. It seems pretty obvious Ebbe does not know any about the product is leading and instead his only interest is on Sansar, the way he dismisses Prok’s question is the most significant poniter in that direction.
    It will be a glorious day when finally the board will show Him the back door!


    1. “Dismisses Prok’s question”?

      She asks: are there plans to reorganize Mainland to consolidate abandoned land & relocate sim owners elsewhere like the rumor say? He replies; no. No plans.

      Question asked and answered.

      She asks: can auto-return be turned on for abandoned land? He replies; sorry no it can’t.

      Question asked and answered.

      It will be a glorious day when you actually understand what people are saying & quit your idiotic harping at everything LL does.


      1. I do have mainland , do you have any?
        If you had you would know Prok’s questions are valid concerns of many. But no, you decide that if one attacks Ebbe or is way of dealing with the product he has in hands as evil by nature.
        Im a Sl user for a few years already,im premium since i joined,i rent and bought land,im entitled to express my views about Sl as much as any.

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