SL project updates 2015 week 4/2: misc news

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Server Deployments – Week 4 Recap

  • There was no Main (SLS) channel deployment during the week
  • On Thursday, January 22nd, the RC channels were updated as follows:
    • LeTigre and Magnum received the same server maintenance package which included a fix for BUG-8223, introduced to all three RC channels in the week #3 deployment
    • BlueSteel received a server maintenance package which contained the same fix for BUG-8223 and also support for the new Avatar Hover Height capability

SL Viewer – Avatar Hover Height

The Avatar Hover Height project viewer was released on Wednesday, January 21st, however, an issue with the SL wiki means that it currently cannot be reached via the Alternate Viewers wiki page, which is currently showing an out-of-date listing. Those wishing to download the viewer can do so from here.

For details on Avatar Hover Height in general, please refer to my overview.

Other Items

SL Wiki

The ability for users to edit SL wiki pages was re-enabled on Thursday, January 22nd, after an extended period in which they were only editable by Lab personnel. However, whether the two are connected or not, but subsequent to the wiki being opened for editing, a number of pages appeared to revert to earlier versions or became inaccessible (e.g. the Alternate Viewers wiki page reverted to a version from late December 2014, while the pages for the RC channel release notes were replaced by blank pages).

The Lab is obviously aware of the issue, and looking into it.

CDN News

The Lab has been / is testing an additional CDN provider (to Highwinds, whom they currently use). It’s not clear where the testing is going, and when asked about it at the Server Beta User Group (SBUG) meeting on Thursday January 22nd, Simon linden could only say, “it was going to allow a lot more flexibility so we could have different regions on different CDNs … or something similar.   It might have been different areas of the world on different CDNs.”

Doubtless, if / when the project moves forward, we’ll get to hear more.

And on a Lighter Note

On Monday, January 19th, people started reporting that an old group logo – Whore Couture – was appearing in place of assorted group’s usual logo, as shown in the image below, taken from BUG-8255, “Whore Couture Logo Appearing on Several Groups”, where the problem was formally reported.

BUG-8255 reported the random appearance of an old Sl brand logo - Whore couture - appearing in place of various group's usual logo
BUG-8255 reported the random appearance of an old SL brand logo – Whore couture – appearing in place of various group’s usual logo

The cause of the problem was later revealed by Soft Linden:

An engineer grabbed a random group’s image as a placeholder and put it in place of an old asset ID that was used as the default image for many groups. It was meant as a temporary measure while he was doing some other texture work. Unfortunately, he didn’t look at the image he selected and I expect he would have chosen plywood instead if he had.

The image has been removed, but it may take some time before that propagates through the CDN and viewer caches.

Don’t worry, we’re not going to let him live this down. In the mean time, we’re building some better process around this.